Naval Hospital Removes Nurses After Disturbing Photos With Newborns Surface Online

first_img WARNING: Some people may be disturbed by the following images. The hospital employees who posted disturbing photo’s with newborns on Monday, Sept. 18, have been removed from their positions at the Naval Hospital Jacksonville, a military hospital.The photos—originally posted by the employees on Snapchat were reposted to Facebook by a concerned acquaintance. That Sept. 18 Facebook post has now gone viral garnering over 108,000 reactions and over 277,378 shares as of writing on Tuesday, Sept. 19.Multiple photos show the alleged employee giving the middle finger to a newborn accompanied by the caption, “How I currently feel about these mini Satans.” The posts also said that the “navy nurse” and her friend made a baby dance to rap music.Denisa Shellito, the person who re-posted the photos on Facebook said that she knew the suspect and was outraged over her behavior. “A girl I went to high school with is a navy nurse and this is how her and her ***** friend treat the babies that have just been born. My blood is literally boiling and I want to snitch bc that is someone’s child” Shellito wrote.“The first pic is her friend who is making the baby dance and she’s playing rap music in the background. I’m LIVID and I’m snitching bc she should get fired from her job but idk how to go about it” she wrote.Shellito said she re-posted the photos in hopes the girls get reprimanded for their actions.“I’m just sharing someone’s post in hopes that these childish girls get reprimanded and lose their jobs,” she wrote. “They work at the naval hospital in Jacksonville, FL. Call, email, do whatever it takes to get through to administration!!”Comments under her post agreed that the naval hospital should reprimand the employees.Her plea for action was answered not long after her post.Jeanne Casey, the public affairs officer at the hospital, released a statement on Monday, Sept. 18, over the incident. The statement called the employees actions “outrageous” and that it “cannot be tolerated.”The hospital said they have identified the staff members involved in the incident and have removed them from their posts in patient care. The full statement can be seen below.The employees who posted the photos have not been formally identified yet.The hospital said they will be handled by the legal system and military justice.The official statement has even gone viral, highlighting just how controversial the nurses’ actions were. As of writing the statement has garnered over 11,000 reactions and over 4,389 shares.From Naval Hospital Removes Nurses After Disturbing Photos With Newborns Surface Online By NTD Television September 19, 2017 Updated: December 11, 2017 Show Discussion Share The location of the Naval Hospital Jacksonville. (Screenshot Via Googlemaps) center_img US News Share this article  LINKEDINPINTERESTREDDITTUMBLRSTUMBLEUPON   last_img read more

And here it is Marc Lamont Hill calling for a fr

first_imgAnd here it is, Marc Lamont Hill calling for a “free Palestine from the river to the sea” (video via @bennyavni)— Seth Mandel (@SethAMandel) November 28, 2018  QualityAuto 1080p720p480p360p240pRewind 10 SecondsNext UpLive00:0000:0000:00ChromecastClosed CaptionsSettingsFullscreen  click to watch video Radical Views, Linked to FarrakhanLamont Hill has received criticism for his radical views in the past, such as praising Christopher Dorner, a former LAPD officer who killed four people and wounded three others in 2013 during a shooting spree that he claimed to undertake to clear his name.“He’s been like a real-life superhero to many people,” Lamont Hill said. “When you read his manifesto, when you read the message that he left, he wasn’t entirely crazy. He had a plan and a mission here.”“It’s almost like watching ‘Django Unchained’ in real life. It’s kind of exciting,” he added.Lamont Hill also faced backlash for appearing with the openly anti-semitic Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. In a picture the professor posted on Facebook in 2015, he said he had “a short but beautiful conversation” with Farrakhan, who has called Jews “termites” and praised German leader Adolf Hitler, who led the Holocaust against Jews across Europe.“The Jews don’t like Farrakhan, so they call me Hitler. Well, that’s a good name. Hitler was a very great man,” Farrakhan said in a speech in 1984.A photo of Lamont Hill and Farrakhan taken in 2016 was used by Farrakhan to promote a music collection this year, reported The Wrap. Hill condemned Farrakhan’s comments against Jews but said he didn’t regret meeting with Farrakhan in 2015 and 2016.“I worked on Fox News for years, having conversations with people I disagree with, people who said and did things I thought were racist, sexist and xenophobic, but I had conversations with them because I thought it was important,” he said.From NTD News Follow Zachary on Twitter: @zackstieber Show Discussion Moderator Marc Lamont Hill attends BET Presents ‘An Evening With ‘The Quad” At The Paley Center in New York City on Dec. 7, 2016. (Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for BET Networks) A CNN analyst and college professor faced fierce backlash for appearing to call for Israel’s destruction during a speech at the United Nations on Nov. 27.Marc Lamont Hill, who frequently appears on the left-leaning cable news channel and is also a professor at Temple University, called for a “free Palestine from the river to the sea” during the speech.Similar phrases have been uttered by the leadership of Hamas, a terrorist group that controls the Gaza Strip and says it wants to destroy Israel.Hill also endorsed the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement that is widely perceived to be anti-semitic by many Jews.Among the critics of Hill’s speech was Sharon Nazarian, senior vice president for international affairs for the ANti-Defamation League, a Jewish NGO.“Those calling for ‘from the river to the sea’ are calling for an end to the State of Israel,” Nazarian said in an email to the Jewish Journal. “It is a shame that once again, this annual event at the United Nations does not promote constructive pathways to ‘Palestinian solidarity’ and a future of peace, but instead divisive and destructive action against Israel.” US News CNN Contributor, College Professor Lambasted for Anti-Israel Remarks at UN By Zachary Stieber November 29, 2018 Updated: November 29, 2018 Seth Mandel, a Jewish op-ed writer for the New York Post, said that Hill’s comments were “an explicit call for Jewish genocide.”“I’ve never been naive about anti-Semitism in America, but honestly never thought I’d see a mainstream CNN guy and professor, on camera, shout ‘free Palestine from the river to the sea’ at the UN, to thunderous applause, and see a collective shrug from even non-socialist liberals,” he added on Twitter.Lamont Hill is described by CNN as “one of the leading intellectual voices in the country.”CNN has not issued a statement on the speech as of yet.Rising antisemitism has led to an increase in hate crimes against Jews, according to an FBI report.Hate crimes against Jews rose by 37 percent in 2017 and the increase left anti-Semitic attacks as 58 percent of all religion-based hate crimes last year, even though Jews are only about 2 percent of America’s population. Share this article  LINKEDINPINTERESTREDDITTUMBLRSTUMBLEUPON   Sharelast_img read more

Kathleen Martens APTN News The first thing Phillip

first_imgKathleen MartensAPTN NewsThe first thing Phillip Tallio wants to do if he’s released on bail next month is ride Vancouver’s SkyTrain.It’s a wish lawyer Rachel Barsky wants to make come true for Tallio, who she believes was wrongfully convicted in 1983.“He has a good shot,” Barsky said of the bail application scheduled for July 23.“He doesn’t have any behavioural issues, he doesn’t have any addiction issues.”Tallio claims he didn’t rape and kill 22-month-old Delavina Mack of Bella Coola – a Nuxalk community on the northwestern coast of British Columbia.His application for bail comes in advance of an appeal of his conviction and sentence that could begin this fall.Barsky said Tallio has seen some of the changes in the world firsthand on 60 escorted temporary absences from his minimum security prison without incident.“That’s been really helpful for him.  He’s gotten exposure to the general public.”But, she said Tallio longs for more freedom after nearly four decades behind bars.“He really likes interacting with people outside of prison. It’s really given him confidence.”Barsky, a volunteer case reviewer with Innocence Canada, has been working on the case since April 2011.She said Tallio would stay in a supervised residence if he’s released on bail, and has plans to be a volunteer, attend a Vancouver Canucks hockey game, and enjoy the city’s elevated rapid transit system.“He doesn’t have grandiose plans…he just wants to ride the skytrain.”Barsky said three judges have agreed to hear the appeal over several months, including testimony from Tallio.“The appeal itself should be all over in the spring of 2020,” she added.Tallio was 17 when a lawyer entered a guilty plea on his behalf nine days into his 1983 trial.His girlfriend gave birth to their daughter after he was arrested. That daughter, Honey Hood, visited Tallio in prison and made him a grandfather.But she died last year. (The cause has not been made public.)“His whole goal was to get out and develop a close relationship with Honey, and suddenly that’s taken away from him,” Barsky said in a telephone interview.“Now he’s hoping to develop a relationship with her (three) daughters.”WATCH APTN Investigates ‘A case for innocence’ read more

This Smart Mini Projector is literally the size of a VHS Tape

first_imgYou know you’ve come far when you can actually measure progress… like physically measure it. The iPod, when it launched, was roughly the size of an audio cassette, and it held almost a 1000 times more songs than the cassette ever did. The Konka Smart Mini Projector concept shows off a projector that’s about the size of a VHS tape, fitting an entire movie experience into the palm of your hand.The Smart Mini Projector was created as a concept by Shenzhen-based designer and Konka’s industrial Design Director ‘c www.h’, and highlights how far we’ve come in the past few years. Konka, virtually a pioneer of television technology in China, has its own line-up of pocket projectors, and the Smart Mini Projector is poised to be the sleekest and most advanced of the lot, with an in-built smart interface, controlled by the projector’s own remote control. The projector comes with its fair share of ports, including a USB, Type-C, HDMI, SD Card Reader, and headphone aux, and has a press-to-activate base that lets you adjust the projector’s angle for optimal viewing… and given its incredibly compact size, the projector can be carried around with you, giving you a great viewing experience wherever you go because Netflix on a 6-inch screen is absolute blasphemy.Designer: c www.hSharePinShareFlipSharePocket772 Shareslast_img read more

Bend Art Festival Nationally Ranked

first_img E-Headlines LinkedIn Bend Art Festival Nationally Ranked Share. 0 Email on January 8, 2013 Facebook Tumblrcenter_img By CBN Google+ “We’re #14 in a list of 600 shows the Art Fair SourceBook ranks,“ says festival Director Carla Fox. “The Art Fair SourceBook is the consumer reports of art shows, aimed at artists. This is a very BIG DEAL. We’re in there with some very long running, large shows, with huge budgets, in big metro areas.”The ranking does indeed put Art in the High Desert in the big leagues with other top ranked festivals such as La Quinta Arts Festival (#1) near Palm Springs, CA; Art on The Square (#2) in Belleville, IL; and the Cherry Creek Arts Festival (#3) in Denver, CO.  Portland’s Art in The Pearl (#4) and Salem’s Salem Art Festival (#20) also made the list among other top 25 festivals in St. Louis, Houston, Sausalito, Scottsdale, New Orleans, Fort Worth, Chicago and Atlanta.“Having done shows from Florida to Texas to California and Washington, Art in the High Desert is one of my absolute favorites,” says artist David Bjurstrom of Austin, Texas. “It’s in a gorgeous setting and the people of Bend are so welcoming. Carla and Dave Fox are just about the best show directors in the business. It’s a true testament to their hard work that this show, only five years old has risen above some of the biggest, oldest art fairs in the country.”The Art Fair SourceBook (AFSB) exists to create an independent one-stop resource for artists and artisans that enable them to more confidently, efficiently, and effectively select the events most likely to optimize their profits. Now in its nineteenth year of publication, The Art Fair SourceBook™ is the bible of the industry. Each year the SourceBook collects extensive data on sales and anecdotal evidence from the exhibitors at over 1,000 art fairs and craft shows around the country through it’s AFSB Exhibitor Feedback postcards and online at their website ( the last 18 years, AFSB has visited over 800 events and continues to do so at the rate of 60-75 events each year. This information gleaned from these visits and collected from exhibitors is then read and analyzed by AFSB, and presented to the subscribers in Greg Lawler’s annual “Editor’s Commentary” on each of the shows in the “Top 600 Events” list.“It’s a daunting task, involving hundreds of hours of reading and summarizing literally thousands of reports from artists” says Lawler. “This process allows us to draw from a vast pool of exhibitors’ reports to gain valuable insight into today’s art fair marketplace.”Art in the High Desert is a juried show and asks applying artists to go above and beyond the usual and takes selecting artists very seriously. It is also a festival that is created, managed and run by artists and art patrons, just one of the many reasons Art in the High Desert was all the buzz among artists right out of the gate.“The first art festival I ever participated in was Art in the High Desert. It happened to be the festivals first year as well,” offers artist and board member Cameron Kaseberg. “That experience set the hook and I began asking other artists for advice.  I was told that even in its first year Art in the High Desert was an anomaly. The quality of artists and management were extremely high and not to expect that at other shows. After five years of art festivals and on the job training, that advice was right on.” Kaseberg was invited to join the Art in the High Desert board two years ago.The festival is considered a relatively young festival moving into its sixth year. With an early upward trajectory, the national ranking bestowed upon Art in the High Desert last week is huge — not only for the festival but also for Central Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Drawing top artists from across the United States and Canada, Art in the High Desert’s national ranking will increase applications, quality, buyers and public awareness of Central Oregon’s importance in the art world.Art in the High Desert showcases over 100 amazing artists each year and uses the ZAPP application system ( The application process for Sixth Annual Art In The High Desert opened December 5 and will close on February 18, 2013.  The 2013 festival event dates are August 23, 24 and Pinterest Art in the High Desert in the big leagues. Nationally recognized for many reasons, Bend can add another feather to its cap. Art in the High Desert has taken its place in the TOP 25 events nationwide for sales of fine art in 2012. Greg Lawler’s Fine Art Fair SourceBook has ranked Central Oregon’s premier juried art & craft festival as the 14th best fine arts festival in sales in the nation. Art in the High Desert takes place the weekend before Labor Day weekend in Bend’s Old Mill District. Twitterlast_img read more

Green Oasis for Senior Affordable Housing

first_img La Pine’s Little Deschutes Lodge Phase II hits new sustainable heights. A groundbreaking senior affordable housing project exemplifying sustainability excellence has hit new green heights with the completion of Phase II of the Little Deschutes Lodge in La Pine, which has refined the energy-efficient envelope of its sister project opened on the same site to considerable acclaim some three years ago.The recently unveiled two-story 26,000 square foot 26-unit independent living community building is something of a mirror image of the similar sized Phase I property, with a few new twists learned from best practices in the interim, and has enjoyed similar success from the outset, with a full slate of tenants on board within two weeks of opening.Building on the success of its earlier counterpart, the latest project by Pacific Crest Affordable Housing – led by developers John Gilbert and Rob Roy – has illustrated the overwhelming demand for such accommodation from 55-and-over residents meeting up to 60 percent of local median income threshold requirements. The project team was rounded out by general contractor SunWest Builders and a host of adept subcontractors, with design services provided by BLRB ArchitectsAmenities at Little Deschutes Lodge II include a community room gathering place complete with fireplace, audio visual hook-ups and warming kitchen, an exercise room, two laundry rooms and reading/recreation room, together with computer areas offering Internet access, and an extended exterior patio with a fire pit.A total of 22 one-bedroom, and four two-bedroom well-appointed units, with ADA adaptability, range in size from 690 to 900 square feet, each featuring its own patio or balcony, additional storage space, secure access and elevator service.The complex is conveniently located next door to La Pine’s Senior Center, completing a triumvirate of complementary buildings creating an expansive lodge-style campus feel, and in walking distance of medical services, public transit, restaurants, retail shops, post office and the library.The project is also a near net zero energy building, using an innovative geothermal mechanical system – supplying hot water to a centralized boiler and distribution system – laid out by Custom Plus Heating & A/C Inc. of Redmond, and a 32.2kW photo-voltaic and solar-thermal system installed by Bend’s E2 Solar, neatly frame the carports.The geothermal heating and cooling system features a grid of trenches on the site with some four miles of looped pipes that extracts underground heat and coordinates with the building’s exhaust/heat recovery ventilation Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system to substantially reduce the building’s overall heating and cooling costs.A wealth of other green features include a grey-water reuse system, harvesting rainwater for non-potable use and perimeter walls of Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) construction, with thermal breaks utilized throughout to maximize insulative qualities.Subsequent development is earmarked to include a “living machine” system, which uses living plants and beneficial microorganisms to treat wastewater and generate clean water for irrigation and toilet flushing, additional greenhouses, and landscaping including created wetlands incorporated in a “permaculture” ecological design drawn up with the aid of experts from Oregon State University.As well as employing best practices, the green theme also has a real pragmatic thrust, as Roy explained: “Sustainability is an important driver of this project as the keys to longevity are to keep control of operating costs.“One of the things that can jeopardize affordable housing ventures like this is that while rents have to be restricted for 60 years, operating costs can increase more than rents are able to, so a major motivation is to cover each energy-efficient base – including being creative in identifying every such source and incentive – as a hedge against rising utility costs for the long term.”Gilbert added: “We strive to provide a safe and comfortable place for seniors to live independently and with dignity. Our residents also have peace of mind regarding financial security in knowing that rents won’t just go up according to the whims of the marketplace, which is especially relevant when you are on a fixed income and budget.“Also, we set aside forty percent of the units for those defined under state guidelines as homeless and have filled them all rapidly, and it is great to see how people really appreciate the opportunity and thrive in this environment.”The project was constructed on county-donated land and funded through a mix of government financing, tax credits and public financing.Roy added: “Projects like this are obviously fundamentally driven by funding and Oregon Housing is well run and takes a balanced practical view, with collaboration between agencies and realization that housing can be a catalyst for many other good things in terms of leverages from linkages.“In looking at Deschutes County, La Pine demonstrated a real need and we were delighted to play our part in meeting that demand.”Project Architect Jim Landin of BLRB said: “We found out about the green light for funding in March 2012, so there has been a one year window to finish design and build, which was quite a feat for the whole team. We did have something of a full-scale mock-up across the way which was somewhat helpful!“But the project morphed through changing orientations as well as taking some of the things we have learned through the process and incorporating other ideas to run with.“We also continued the embodiment of the welcoming, comfortable tradition of great rustic Pacific Northwest lodges within budget constraints, including utilizing exposed wood beams and locally sourced repurposed timbers for several of the project’s finishes, evoking that familiar and timeless feel, which will be complemented by the addition of outdoor-themed artwork.”Roy said that a few of the energy-efficient elements that were refined in the new project compared with Phase I included more advanced lighting controls using both vacancy and occupancy-related sensors and an “astronomical timer”, and wide use of sola tubes on the upper floor to maximize natural daylight, as well as incorporating an ingenious LED light and butterfly valve system for dusk to dawn hours which were created specially for the facility.Much attention was also paid to mitigating heat loss which can occur when materials like metal penetrate the building envelope, with “thermal breaks” utilized wherever possible joining interior and exterior pieces such as wall or window assemblies with a less conductive material which reduces temperature transfer, even around nails.Roy added that another way to give back to the community was via education, especially considering the dimension of public funding and the priority of efficiency in using such funds, in terms of being open with the creative sustainable technology utilized, which could also help act as a template for other projects.Gilbert said that spacious interior hallways and other subtle opportunities for social interaction were designed into the project to help counteract the isolation that seniors often report feeling, adding: “Research has indicated that if older people stay socially active, it can help them stay healthier and we want people to be able to age with independence and dignity.“Events are continually being organized, and there is a sense of unity between the buildings, including the Senior Center, which is really positive, and the feedback has been great.”Little Deschutes Lodge is managed by Cascade Management, Inc. For more information, see website: or (503-682-7788. E-Headlines By Simon Mather, CBN Feature Writer Contractor: SunWest Builders Green Oasis for Senior Affordable Housing Twitter Little Deschutes Lodge 2 Share. Facebook Superintendent: Mark Leavitt, SunWest Builders Engineer: Architect: BLRB ArchitectsPrincipal Architect: Jim LandinStructural Engineer: Eclipse Engineering Civil Engineer: Sun Country Mechanical Engineer: Solarc Subcontractors and Suppliers: Cleaning Unlimited, Vic Russell Construction, Western Protective Coatings, Bend Concrete, Ultra Quiet Floors, Sather Masonry, Sunburst Fabrications, Buehner Construction, Miller Lumber, Truss Components, Dimar Siding, Coopers Carpentry, Patricks Woodworks, Bev-Art, JB Insulation, Am-1 Roofing, McKenzie Waterproofing, Commercial Door & Hardware, Cooper Custom Carpentry, Bend Commercial Glass, Solar Light, Premier Construction, Cascade Painting, Varner, TCS, NCBS, US Mailboxes, Fireside, Johnson Bros, NW Laundry Supply, Custom Tint, Thyssen, Bend Plumbing & Heating, Custom Plus Heating, Bend Fire Protection, Bend Electric, Apex Telecom. Tumblr 0 Project Cost: $3.4 million Square Footage: 27,000 Financing: ?Project Manager: Wayne Powderly LEED AP, HCC, SunWest Builders on May 2, 2013 Google+ Email LinkedIn Property Owner/Developer: Pacific Crest Affordable Housing Pinterestlast_img read more

LITERARY Author Author Series

first_img Pinterest LinkedIn LITERARY Author! Author! Series Twitter In 2012 the Author! Author! literary series began with a very lofty goal: Bring some of the brightest literary minds to Central Oregon four times a year to share their books and engage audiences in discussions and thought-provoking ideas regarding their work. Now, five years later and entering its sixth season, Author! Author! has successfully lived up to its goal. The extraordinary line-up for the 2017/18 season features four nationally recognized, award-winning authors who have all spent time on best-seller lists.Michael Chabon is the author of eight novels as well as two short story collections, two essay collections and a young adult novel. He won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2001 for his book The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier&Clay. His novel Wonder Boys was made into a film. In a New York Times Review, A. O. Scott said of Chabon’s most recent novel, Moonglow, “… this book is beautiful.” Chabon lives in Berkeley, California. Wednesday, October 25, | 7pm | Bend High School AuditoriumIn January look for March Roach author of seven books including Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War and Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void. February offers Colson Whitehead author of six novels including The Underground Railroad. March features Elizabeth Strout author of six books including her 2009 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel Olive By CBN Email on October 6, 2017center_img Google+ Tumblr Facebook 0 E-Headlines Share.last_img read more

How To Improve Your Competence And Win People Over

first_imgHow To Improve Your Competence And Win People OverNovember 30, 2018 by Martin Zwilling 283SHARESFacebookTwitterLinkedin Filed Under: Advice, Management, Resources, Strategic One of the biggest challenges I have as an advisor to tech entrepreneurs is to convince you that marketing is required for your product, no matter how great it is, just to get it found with today’s information overload. A comparable problem is to get entrepreneurs to market themselves, for the same reason. Your abilities will be lost in the crowd because competence doesn’t speak for itself.We have all heard the saying that first impressions count big, but in fact, you judge other people continually by your impressions of their competence, unless and until they provide you credible evidence of something better – through smart impression management or marketing of their experience, skills, and results. It is this perceived competence that gives you a competitive edge.The challenge is to communicate competence without appearing to be self-centered or bragging. In the new book, “Convinced!: How to Prove Your Competence & Win People Over,” by Jack Nasher, a Stanford professor and negotiation expert, I finally found some guidance on specific approaches, with some pragmatic recommendations to make them work.Raise people’s expectations of what you bring to the table. I can tell you from my experience as an investor, after hearing hundreds of pitches, that my expectations start very low. It’s up to you to inspire me (and you) that you can do what you say is possible. In any business role, your manager only sees a fraction of what you know and do.In fact, you can raise a low bar of expectations of results by demonstrating confidence regarding your abilities and the task at hand. You need to reduce anxiety by eliminating anything that speaks against you and highlighting past successes and experience.Highlight all good news around you, and reframe bad news. Associating with good news, even if not yours, strengthens your competence. Without excuses, position any bad news in a positive light, and focus on what you learned. Always start with the good news, then the bad news, and conclude with the second-best news to end on a high.Frame your competence perception to reduce qualms. First of all, emphasize up front any unfavorable circumstances that will make your job more difficult. Then highlight the role that your competence plays by pointing out how earlier successes, training, and education show you were born for this job, having survived from bigger challenges.For example, the legendary Steve Jobs and other captains of industry were quick to talk about their tough beginnings, overcoming great obstacles, and highlighting successes, to raise and reconfirm their perception of competence in the eye of peers and executives.Learn to get heard as an expert through power talking. Steve Jobs also practiced incessantly to become a masterful speaker, by speaking with confidence, pairing the right, impactful words with strategic use of vocal range, emphasis, and pauses. In all cases, avoid speaking too softly, often repeating points, or cutting others off.Communicate your competence through body language. Positive body language, including eye contact, smiling, location while standing, and posture while sitting, all strengthen the perception of your competence. Show enthusiasm during presentations by moving around and using large gestures. Position yourself near the front in meetings.Boost competency perception by increasing likeability. Creating an overall positive impression is of decisive importance, starting with always being friendly, polite, attentive, and educated. The evidence still shows that this extends to attractiveness and popularity as well. It always pays to look your best, and build relationships with key people.According to the latest data, attractiveness in men is more about their faces and clothes than body figures, while with women figures are more important than their faces. Popularity builds with respect and interest in others, as well as goodwill building.While some of these techniques take practice to master, none require sacrificing your values or faking skills you don’t have. The goal is to display and market your full expertise and competence, with authenticity and confidence, without waiting for someone to figure it out. The business world is moving faster and faster these days, so don’t fall behind by simply waiting to be found.Reprinted by permission.PREVIOUS POSTNEXT POSTlast_img read more

These 19 NYC Startups Raised the Most Capital in Q4 2018

first_imgThese 19 NYC Startups Raised the Most Capital in Q4 2018January 9, 2019 by Reza Chowdhury 360SHARESFacebookTwitterLinkedin Filed Under: #NYCTech, AlleyTalk, Funding, Venture Capital Tagged With: Avanan, BentoBox, Bowery Farming, Dataiku, Dia&Co, Foursquare, Goldbelly, HEED, LiquidX, Loadsmart, Prose, RapidSOS, Temi, TG-17, The Wing Today, we take a look at the 19 companies that have raised the largest startup funding rounds in New York City in Q4 of 2018 using some data from our friends at Crunchbase.  In addition to the dollar amount, we have included a brief description. industry, round type, total equity funding raised, funding round details, links to full interviews with the CEOs and Founders of these fast-growing companies. Lastly, in order to maintain a focus on conventional tech-enabled startups, pharmaceutical, financing, real estate, and biotech companies were removed from the data.Quick Findings:The total startup funding raised in NYC in Q4 2018 was over $1.78B     Tweet This26.3% of the largest startup rounds in NYC in Q4 2018 were for companies founded by at least 1 woman   Tweet This15.8% of the largest startup rounds in NYC in Q4 2018 were for companies with a single founder    Tweet ThisCLICK HERE TO SEE THE 19 NYC STARTUPS THAT RAISED THE LARGEST ROUNDS IN Q4 2018The AlleyWatch audience is driving progress and innovation at a global scale. Reaching more individuals in a single month than every other tech-focused organization in NYC combined, AlleyWatch is the highway for technology and entrepreneurship in New York. There are a number of options to reach this audience of the world’s most innovative organizations and startups at scale including sponsoring a piece like this, which will be read by the vast majority of key influencers in the entrepreneurial universe. Find out more here.center_img PREVIOUS POST1 / 20NEXT PAGElast_img read more

The AlleyWatch February 2019 US Venture Capital Funding Report

first_img Filed Under: Funding The AlleyWatch February 2019 US Venture Capital Funding ReportMarch 15, 2019 by Reza Chowdhury 284SHARESFacebookTwitterLinkedin Today, I take a look at the state of venture capital and seed funding during the month of February nationally. Analyzing some publicly available data from our friends at CrunchBase, we break down the aggregate statistics for all funding deals by stage of funding (Seed, Series A, Series B, and Series C+) including mention of notable rounds.USE THE ARROWS BELOW TO NAVIGATE THE REPORTThe TechWatch Media Group audience is driving progress and innovation on a global scale. TechWatch Media is the highway for technology and entrepreneurship. There are a number of options to reach this audience of the world’s most innovative organizations and startups at scale including sponsoring a report like this. Find out more here.PREVIOUS POST1 / 6NEXT PAGElast_img read more

5 UX Design Tenets from Industry Insiders

first_imgObviously, UX has become an integral aspect of design and development. Modern UX design has eliminated many of the limitations that once confined the users, and understanding the UX standards of the current environment should be a paramount concern for today’s UX professionals, writes Shawn Graaff of Memeburn.Cennydd Bowles and James Box of UK design consulting firm Clearleft echoed this sentiment in a recent presentation at the Tech4Africa conference. Here are some of the guiding principles of UX they expounded on:UX isn’t a discipline that should stand alone. Box and Bowles believe that extraordinary UX must encompass many of the same strategies that go into content, development and information architecture.Transparently incorporating the intellect of the entire team is the best way to create an original and effective UX. To get the most out of your UX, you’ll need a creation process that’s suited to supplement your goal.UX isn’t something that should be relegated to the margins of the greater development process. Users demand it, and companies that can deliver it typically flourish. For the rest of the UX tenets from Box and Bowles, read the full article by Graaff.AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterShare to PrintPrintShare to EmailEmailShare to MoreAddThislast_img read more

Business Development through the Growth Stage

first_imgManage the growth stage and the turbulent changes that come with it more successfully by applying new business development development Drew Hansen of Forbes offers a prescription for building your company by using the principles of organization and business development after creating and scaling your first product. Hansen writes that “by blending strategic management with the core principles of organization development, savvy operating executives provide a much-needed service to high-growth startups, increasing their odds of long-term success.” He provides a breakdown of the “foundational tenets” of organization development, which include “new humanistic values,” better training, employee feedback, and “systems thinking.” The benefits lie in assisting entrepreneurs in “managing the unanticipated consequences of change,” making them more likely to manage the turbulent growth stage of their companies successfully.AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterShare to PrintPrintShare to EmailEmailShare to MoreAddThislast_img read more

Nintendo Switch Online App Launches

first_img It’s available now in the Android and iOS app stores, but don’t expect it to do anything useful just yet. We need Splatoon 2 to launch for that to happen. The only list that measures privately-held company performance across multiple dimensions—not just revenue. Matthew Humphries Nintendo is taking its time rolling out a full online service for the Switch. What we have now is a free, but limited service, with the promise of the paid-subscription version appearing in 2018. There’s also the Nintendo Switch Online App, which Nintendo quietly rolled out a few days early this week.It’s available for both iOS and Android devices and promises to, “help enhance your online gameplay experience on Nintendo Switch.” More specifically, Nintendo intends to offer features in the app on a per-game basis, but also promises to offer the ability to invite friends to play with you or to have voice chats.For now, anyone downloading the app is likely only going to see a maintenance page. However, we can look forward and see what’s coming with the first game to fully support it being Nintendo’s own Splatoon 2.Splatoon 2 will be supported at launch through the app using SplatNet 2. It allows you to view your stats for past online matches, as well as your single-player records and overall ranking. There’s also the ability to order special Splatoon 2 gear in the shop and see which online multiplayer stages will be available and when.Nintendo will allow you to send play invitations and chat with friends as promised, but also share all of your stats by linking the app and SplatNet 2 into your social media accounts. So expect a lot of Splatoon 2 auto-generated Facebook posts and tweets appearing after the game launches on July 21. Apply Now » Image credit: Nintendo via PC Mag Add to Queue 2 min read July 19, 2017center_img Nintendo 2019 Entrepreneur 360 List This story originally appeared on PCMag –shares Senior Editor Next Article Nintendo Switch Online App Launcheslast_img read more

Johnson Johnson to Cut 3000 jobs in Medical Devices Division

first_img –shares Johnson & Johnson to Cut 3,000 jobs in Medical Devices Division Healthcare conglomerate Johnson & Johnson said it would cut about 3,000 jobs within its medical devices division, or between 4 percent and 6 percent of the unit’s global workforce, over the next two years.The company said on Tuesday that it expected to record pre-tax restructuring charges of $2 billion to $2.4 billion in connection with these plans, of which about $600 million will be recorded in the fourth quarter of 2015.Leerink analysts said the announcement meant that an acquisition was still on the cards for J&J, given that it had about $37 billion in cash as of the end of the third quarter.”We continue to believe J&J is an active acquirer with a focus likely heavily weighted toward it’s lagging Medical Devices business…it’s a matter of when, not if, J&J does a deal”, they wrote in a note.J&J also reiterated its full-year 2015 forecast, and said the restructuring in the devices business move would not impact the $10 billion share repurchase program.The company said the restructuring would affect its orthopaedics, surgery and cardiovascular businesses within the larger medical devices unit.The consumer medical devices, vision care and diabetes care, part of the same division, would not be affected, J&J said.The restructuring is expected to result in annualized pre-tax cost savings of $800 million to $1 billion, J&J said. Most of these savings are expected by the end of 2018, including about $200 million in 2016.New Brunswick, N.J.-based J&J currently employs about 60,000 within its medical devices unit, part of a global workforce of about 127,000.The Band-Aid maker is expected to report its fourth quarter results on Jan. 26.The company’s shares rose about 1 percent to $98.25 in premarket trading.(Reporting by Natalie Grover in Bengaluru; Editing by Ted Kerr, Robin Paxton and Savio D’Souza) Layoffs Learn how to successfully navigate family business dynamics and build businesses that excel. Free Webinar | July 31: Secrets to Running a Successful Family Business Image credit: Reuters | Rick Wilking Reuters center_img 2 min read This story originally appeared on Reuters Next Article January 19, 2016 Register Now » Add to Queuelast_img read more

Pancakes Check Out These Deals and Freebies for National Pancake Day 2016

first_imgFood This story originally appeared on Fortune Magazine Next Article –shares 3 min read Fireside Chat | July 25: Three Surprising Ways to Build Your Brand Add to Queue Pancakes! Check Out These Deals and Freebies for National Pancake Day 2016. Chris Morris America may be fractured on a number of issues these days, but there’s one thing we can all stand behind: Pancakes are delicious.On March 8, we celebrate this fine breakfast food (that sometimes works just as well for other meals) on National Pancake Day. It’s a day that’s largely identified with IHOP, though other restaurants have gotten in on the action as well.GoBankingRates has a complete list of restaurants offering deals, but here’s a list of some of the best bargains you can expect:IHOPThis is ground central for free pancakes. The chain hands out a complimentary short stack of buttermilk pancakes to anyone who wants one from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. It’s also the company’s biggest philanthropic effort of the year. Guests are encouraged to donate what they would have spent for that meal to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. If they make a donation of $5 or more, they’ll get a coupon good for $5 off their next visit. That’s basically two meals for free for a token charitable donation.And in Chamblee, Ga., IHOP patrons could have their pancakes made by Miss America.Waffle HouseWaffles may be considered the arch-rival of pancakes, but Waffle House isn’t letting the day go by unnoticed. Guests who visit March 8 can use this coupon for a free order of hash browns. (You’ll have to pay extra to get ’em scattered, smothered, and covered, though.)Denny’sDenny’s doesn’t formally recognize National Pancake Day, but it’s not going to cede the day’s breakfast business to IHOP. The chain is offering 20 percent off a party’s entire check with this downloadable coupon.Peet’s Coffee & TeaOnce again, you’ll need to print a coupon, but the chain that predates Starbuck’s is offering half off of any beverage between noon and 5 p.m. now through March 9. And there’s not much that goes better with pancakes than a piping hot cup of coffee.Noah’s New York Bagels/Einstein Bros. BagelsPrefer your breakfast starches a bit more portable? These two bagel chains (which are owned by the same parent company) are making it a little cheaper. Both have coupons offering 20 percent off of your purchase. The Noah’s coupon expires on March 8, while Einstein Bros. gives you until the 16th to get a schmear. Enroll Now for $5 Learn from renowned serial entrepreneur David Meltzer how to find your frequency in order to stand out from your competitors and build a brand that is authentic, lasting and impactful. March 8, 2016last_img read more

More Than 130000 People Have Already PreOrdered Teslas 35000Model 3

first_imgTesla 2019 Entrepreneur 360 List –shares Reuters Next Article April 1, 2016 Image credit: Reuters | Tesla Motors Handout via Reuters Tesla 3 min read More Than 130,000 People Have Already Pre-Ordered Tesla’s $35,000-Model 3 This story originally appeared on Reuters Tesla Motors gave a sneak preview Thursday of its Model 3 sedan, saying more than 130,000 people had ordered the car, even though it is more than a year away from production.Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk unveiled a prototype of the Model 3 in Hawthorne, Calif., outside Los Angeles to hundreds of Tesla owners and the media, saying the vehicle will go into production in 2017 at a starting price of $35,000.The Model 3 is critical to the Silicon Valley automaker’s growth plans and to sustaining its lofty stock price. Tesla shares have jumped in recent days in anticipation of the Model 3 launch.The Model 3 will enter a crowded field of luxury and electric cars that includes gasoline-fueled models such as the Audi A4 and BMW 3-Series, and electric models such as the forthcoming Chevrolet Bolt EV from General Motors Co.”Do you want to see the car?” teased Musk, to screams from the audience in the hangar-sized facility inside a Tesla design center. “We don’t have it for you tonight — just kidding!”Three Model 3s were driven onstage. The compact sleek four-door car with no grille features a roof that is a panoramic pane of glass from front to back.Musk said that 115,000 pre-orders had already been taken on Thursday alone for the car. Within a half hour, that number reached 137,600 in a rolling scroll projected onto a screen.Fans had camped out overnight, queueing outside Tesla stores across California to put down deposits on the car in scenes reminiscent of the launch of Apple Inc. products.The Model 3 is crucial for Tesla to reach its goal of selling 500,000 cars per year by 2020. The success of Tesla’s Gigafactory, its battery factory near completion in Nevada, is also contingent on the Model 3.Tesla says scale from the massive facility will cut the cost of its battery pack by 30 percent to enable the lower-priced vehicle.High expectations ahead of the unveiling have restored Tesla’s shares to around the $230-mark, recovering from a year low of $141.05 in February after analysts cut price targets and revenue expectations.”It is important to the industry because it will signal whether or not Tesla Motors is a major threat to the status quo or just another wannabe car company with a fleeting chance for long-term success,” said Kelley Blue Book’s Jack Nerad.GM is on track to beat Tesla to the market with its Chevrolet Bolt electric car, which GM says will launch late this year, offering about 200 miles of electric driving range and a starting price of around $35,000.A new generation of Nissan Motor Co’s Leaf electric car is also expected to offer more driving range at a similar price.The Model 3 and others in the new generation of electric vehicles face challenges from low gasoline prices, high battery costs and uncertain investment in recharging infrastructure.Through the first two months of this year, sales of all-electric and hybrid vehicles are down nearly 9 percent to 60,384 vehicles, data from trade group the Electric Drive Transportation Association shows.That’s fewer hybrid and battery electric vehicles sold in two months than Ford sold of its F-series large pickup trucks in February alone.Several short-term concerns, such as that Model 3 production will be delayed, and the slow ramp of the Model X will continue, go hand-in-hand with skeptics’ longer-term worries that the unprofitable company will continue to bleed cash.In February, Tesla said it would start generating positive cash flow this month.(Reporting by Alexandria Sage and Joe White; Editing by Clarence Fernandez) The only list that measures privately-held company performance across multiple dimensions—not just revenue. Add to Queue Apply Now »last_img read more

China Bans Autonomous Car Testing for Now

first_img –shares Don Reisinger Self-Driving Cars This story originally appeared on PCMag Contributing Writer July 21, 2016 Image credit: PC Mag Next Article China is putting the brakes on self-driving car testing.The country’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology drafted new regulations on self-driving car testing in the country, but until they’re approved, the government has warned companies not to try it out, according to Bloomberg, which obtained a copy of the draft.Self-driving cars are quickly becoming a hot commodity in the auto world as companies from Google to Mercedes-Benz try out the technology in the US, Europe and elsewhere. There’s no timeline on when China might approve its rules, Bloomberg says, but as auto makers eye autonomous car rollouts in the next decade, time is of the essence if China wants to keep up.Major car makers like BMW have already made plans to test self-driving cars in China. In April, Volvo said it would begin negotiations with Chinese cities that want to test Volvo’s autonomous cars using local drivers. The company wanted to use up to 100 cars to see how they work in everyday road conditions.In December, China’s Baidu also announced that its self-driving car — a modified BMW 3 Series — successfully completed testing on mixed roads under various environmental conditions. The 19-mile test drive route began at Baidu’s Beijing headquarters and covered the G7 highway, Fifth Ring Road and Olympic Park, before looping back to the starting point.In the US, semi-autonomous car technology has come under fire following the fatal accident of a Tesla Model S in Autopilot mode. Tesla has denied any wrongdoing, reiterating that Autopilot is semi- and not fully autonomous and promising an upgrade soon, but regulators are investigating. 2 min read China Bans Autonomous Car Testing (for Now) The only list that measures privately-held company performance across multiple dimensions—not just revenue. 2019 Entrepreneur 360 List Add to Queue Apply Now »last_img read more

Here Are the Best Tech Companies for Women to Work

first_img Enroll Now for $5 Here Are the Best Tech Companies for Women to Work Fireside Chat | July 25: Three Surprising Ways to Build Your Brand Women in Tech Add to Queue June 1, 2017 Learn from renowned serial entrepreneur David Meltzer how to find your frequency in order to stand out from your competitors and build a brand that is authentic, lasting and impactful. –shares Entrepreneur Staffcenter_img Image credit: Shutterstock Next Article Nina Zipkin When it comes to insights about women and the tech industry, heartening statistics can be hard to come by.Back in February, former Uber engineer Susan Fowler wrote a blog post about the workplace sexism and harassment she experienced during her employment at the embattled ride hailing company. Fowler shared that in her year on the job, the amount of women at the company engaged in engineering positions dropped from 25 percent to 6 percent.As the investigation into the claims began, Kalanick sent out a memo to his entire staff that said 15.1 percent of Uber’s engineering, product management and scientist roles were filled by women. He also compared that figure with the technical gender breakdowns for Facebook, Google and is Travis Kalanick’s company wide email to Uber employees, sent Monday afternoon, regarding Fowler’s claims and HR investigation.— ?_? (@MikeIsaac) February 20, 2017His numbers were slightly off, according to a fact check by Mashable. Seventeen percent of Facebook’s engineering staff are women. Google’s is 19 percent, not 18, and Twitter’s is 15 percent, not 10. Struggling to clear 20 percent isn’t a great look for all the work being done at these tech giants to create an inclusive workplace. Google, who the Department of Labor has accused of systemic salary disparities, recently said that it would not give the Department of Labor data about company wages, citing time spent and expense —  500 hours and $100,000 — as the reason why.Related: New Data Illuminates VC Bias Against WomenSo what companies in the tech sector are doing right by their female employees?A recent study conducted by career site Comparably explored the best opportunities for women in tech based on the anonymous ratings of the site’s users.The top eight companies are cloud computing firm Cornerstone On Demand, Slack, Indeed, Hubspot, Zenefits, Zillow, Salesforce and Chegg.These businesses were given an average ranking of 75 percent and higher by their female employees based on factors including compensation, leadership, team and environment.Related: Only 17 Percent of Venture-Backed Startups Are Led by WomenAnd as for the leaders that were given top marks, these were the top 12 ranked CEOs:Spencer Rascoff, Zillow, 98 percentStewart Butterfield, Slack, 94 percentBrian Halligan, Hubspot, 93 percentMarc Benioff, Salesforce, 91 percentBrad Smith, Intuit, 91 percentAdam Miller, Cornerstone On Demand, 87 percentDan Rosenweig, Chegg, 85 percentJay Fulcher, Zenefits, 85 percentHisayuki Idekoba, Indeed, 84 percentTim Cook, Apple, 84 percentSatya Nadella, Microsoft, 82 percentJeff Weiner, LinkedIn, 82 percentApple, Microsoft and Linkedin all made the cut, while Uber, Facebook, Twitter and Google did not.Also, you’ll notice that these people have something in common: They are all men. This group has an average age of 48.9 — the youngest is Indeed’s Idekoba at 39 — and 83 percent of them are white.So while it’s great that these companies and leaders are doing the work to create equitable workplaces for their employees, this list reflects the reality that women in tech still have a long way to go. Google, Facebook and Twitter didn’t make the cut in this new study. Staff Writer. Covers leadership, media, technology and culture. 3 min readlast_img read more

Twitter Employee Deactivates Trump Account on Last Day

first_img 3 min read For a few brief moments last evening, President Trump’s personal Twitter account was no more. Those visiting @realDonaldTrump were met with a “Sorry, that page does not exist” message.But just as the Twitter world got riled up about Trump’s 140-character demise, his account returned. It turns out a Twitter employee deactivated @realDonaldTrump. The shutdown only lasted for 11 minutes Thursday afternoon, but 11 minutes is a lifetime on the internet. “Trump’s Twitter” quickly started trending, prompting a response from the company:Earlier today @realdonaldtrump’s account was inadvertently deactivated due to human error by a Twitter employee. The account was down for 11 minutes, and has since been restored. We are continuing to investigate and are taking steps to prevent this from happening again.— Twitter Government (@TwitterGov) November 3, 2017Later, Twitter acknowledged that the deactivation was carried out by an employee on their last day.Through our investigation we have learned that this was done by a Twitter customer support employee who did this on the employee’s last day. We are conducting a full internal review.— Twitter Government (@TwitterGov) November 3, 2017Prior to Twitter’s explanation, users questioned whether the president had finally crossed the line and tweeted something Twitter found too controversial to let stand. In recent weeks, Twitter has been vowing to crack down on abuse, and it recently suspended the account of Trump ally, Roger Stone. However, Thursday’s shutdown had nothing to do with stricter content policies; it was just a glitch.How Twitter “inadvertently deactivated” one of its most famous users isn’t clear. But other Twitter users were happy to crack jokes about the whole incident.It wasn’t a mistake, @TwitterGov. Think of it as a new feature we all wanted.— Robert Caruso (@robertcaruso) November 3, 2017Make this Twitter employee CEO— Tony Webster (@webster) November 3, 2017Despite the jokes, Trump is back to tweeting without mention of the brief shutdown. Today, he has been tweeting about DNC funding, tax cuts, his selection for Federal Reserve chairman, Broadcom, the World Series, immigration and — perhaps most controversially — his belief that the driver of the van who struck and killed several people in New York City on Tuesday should receive the death penalty.Update: Early Friday morning, Trump tweeted about the incident, suggesting the deletion was because his tweets are “having an impact.”My Twitter account was taken down for 11 minutes by a rogue employee. I guess the word must finally be getting out-and having an impact.— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 3, 2017 Trump’s account was deactivated by ‘a Twitter customer support employee…on the employee’s last day.’ It was back online 11 minutes later. Next Article This story originally appeared on PCMag Add to Queue Image credit: via PC Mag Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. –shares Twitter Employee Deactivates Trump Account on Last Day November 3, 2017 Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Reporter Guest Writer Michael Kan Twitter Register Now »last_img read more

Alibabas Futuristic Supermarket in China Is LightYears Ahead of the US and

first_img Register Now » Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business Insider Learn how to successfully navigate family business dynamics and build businesses that excel. Alibaba’s Futuristic Supermarket in China Is Light-Years Ahead of the U.S. — and Shows Where Amazon Will Likely Take Whole Foods –shares Add to Queue Next Article May 21, 2018 With facial recognition payments and 30 minute online deliveries, this supermarket chain is all about being ‘insanely convenient’ for the customer. Free Webinar | July 31: Secrets to Running a Successful Family Business This story originally appeared on Business Insider At Hema Xiansheng, Alibaba’s futuristic supermarket, you can even pay with facial recognition. 12 min read By Harrison JacobsWith a valuation over $500 billion, Chinese tech giant Alibaba is second only to Amazon in e-commerce. But it’s going after the offline world to keep growing. Long before Amazon purchased Whole Foods for $13.7 billion, Alibaba was forging into physical retail with investments in supermarket SunArt, department store operator InTime, electronics seller Suning, and furniture store EasyHome, among others. All in all, Alibaba has spent $10 billion on traditional retailers since 2016. The investments have aimed to help the company develop its “New Retail” concept, a term coined by Alibaba founder Jack Ma to mean the fusion of physical retail and e-commerce. At its core, it’s about making it insanely convenient to buy what you need or want in whatever way is the most convenient to you — whether at the store, online, delivered to your home, picked up at a nearby store location. By integrating online and offline, Alibaba thinks it can radically change customers’ shopping experiences for the better while boosting business for its partners. “That means that the whole inventory and supply chain is one solution for whatever your needs are. No matter whether [your purchases] are generated online or offline, it will be fulfilled in whatever is the most efficient route to you,” Jet Jing, President of Tmall, Alibaba’s brand-focused e-commerce platform, told Business Insider recently. Nowhere is the “New Retail” idea more on display than in Hema Xiansheng, Alibaba’s futuristic supermarket. Launched in 2015, Hema has expanded to 46 stores in 13 cities in China, with plans to open up to 2,000 more branches in the next five years. The fresh food-focused supermarket offers customers the ability to shop in-store or on its app, see the origins of the products in the store, have food delivered for free or prepared for pickup within 30 minutes, and pay with facial recognition technology. We recently visited a Hema branch in Shanghai to see what the company’s vision of the future of grocery shopping. One can’t help but think that Alibaba’s deep integration with Hema signals how Amazon will integrate Whole Foods in the future. Take a look inside. There are over 40 Hema Xiansheng locations in China. Most are located in high-end shopping malls or mixed-used developments close to where Chinese people both work and live. Core to Hema’s model is that it offers free 30-minute grocery deliveries to a 3-kilometer radius.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderThe joke used to be that Chinese people like to live near good public schools, Liyan Chen, manager of international corporate affairs at Alibaba, told Business Insider. “The joke now in China is that they want to live where the Hemas are. Because then they can get everything delivered to them really easily.”Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderIn order to shop at Hema, you have to download the app, which logs all of your purchases, saves your preferences and delivery address, and allows you to pay with Alipay, Alibaba’s mobile payments provider. After shopping at Hema, you’ll have a personalized product page based on your preferences and purchases.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderThe name Hema Xiansheng means “boxed/packaged freshness and liveliness” and is also a pun in Chinese for Mr. Hippo, hence the hippo mascot. Hema’s major selling point is its ultra-fresh meat, veggies, fruit, and seafood.Image credit: AlibabaFreshness is a big deal in Chinese culture, particularly given how inconsistent it can be at other supermarkets. There are two words for freshness in Mandarin, one for “crisp” fruits and veggies, and another for freshly butchered meat and fish. There are numerous testing stations so customers can taste the freshness and sweetness of the produce in-store.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderAll technological innovations aside, the main draw of a Hema store is its expansive live seafood section. It’s like putting a traditional seafood market in the middle of Whole Foods. Except Hema’s is spotless and organized.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderThere are rows and rows of fresh, live oysters, scallops, shrimp, prawns, lobsters, and fish. While Chinese tend to like picking their own seafood, I opted to have a Hema employee help me select a mix of clams and scallops.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderI have no idea what kind of crab this was — maybe a Chinese hairy crab — but it looked tasty. I decided to buy that one, too.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderWhile most purchases happen through the app or through a cashier-less checkout counter, the seafood section still needs someone to weigh and price the products. But one scan of a QR code on Alipay and I was all set.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderIn addition to its traditional grocery items, Hema has an expansive prepared foods section. It’s a little like a high-end food court, with enough space to seat 100 people. Because Hema stores are usually near office buildings, it’s a very popular lunch spot.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderThere’s a Cantonese food counter that sells roast duck, pork, and other popular dishes.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderThere’s also a counter where you can bring your seafood after you buy it to have it cooked in a number of different styles. I decided to have the crab, scallops, shrimp, and clams that I bought cooked by Hema.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderWhile I waited for my seafood to be cooked — it takes around 20 minutes — I wandered around the store. Compared to a Whole Foods in the US, it’s pretty small. But it packs a ton of variety of products into the shelves. Hema can afford to have a smaller footprint.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderThanks to Alibaba’s deep trove of data on consumers — the company had 515 million active consumers on its platforms in 2017 — as well as the data collected by the Hema app, each Hema store is able to tailor its stock based on the spending habits of those who frequent the shop.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderThe supermarket offers around 3,000 different products in each store, while the Hema app has over 50,000 items. Prices are synchronized between online and offline via electronic shelf labels. The goal of the store, according to founder Hou Yi, is “to drive offline customers to shop online.” 85% of sales in China still happen offline.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderWhile around 80% of the products are packaged food and about 20% fresh products, the majority of the floor space is dominated by fresh products and in-store dining.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderAll items in the store have a barcode that can be scanned in the app to provide information about a product’s origin, the company behind the product, cooking instructions, nutritional information, and pricing. Customers can even add a product to an online order to be delivered at another time.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderChina has had a lot of food safety issues over the last 20 years. Hema’s transparency and guaranteed quality, reinforced by the info on the app, is a huge draw for Chinese consumers who have been burned time and again.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderKey to changing consumers’ mindsets around online purchasing is Hema’s ultrafast delivery, which promises grocery deliveries in under 30 minutes for those living within 3 kilometers. Some stores offer 30-minute delivery 24-hours a day.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderAll over the store, you can see Hema employees searching through aisles and selecting products. When I was there, at 2 p.m. on a weekday, there appeared to be as many employees as customers in the store. Around 50% of a Hema store’s orders are online delivery. Some stores get up to 70%. Hema’s founder is hoping to push that to 80% or 90%.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderEach Hema employee focuses on a particular section — dairy, meats, produce, etc — so that they know where each product is and can move fast. The bags are color-coded for the section and tagged with a QR code corresponding to the online order.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderSometimes you’ll see employees working together to find a rare item. Each employee carries a scanner so they can add each item to the order immediately. Once the order is complete, they hook the bag onto a conveyor belt that sends it to a distribution center in back.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderWhen you look up, you see tons of bags traveling along these conveyor belts along the ceiling. It’s unobtrusive, but feels a bit like being inside a factory. In the back, the bags automatically go into the system where different parts of the order are combined into one bag and sent out for delivery.Image credit: AlibabaThe entire process is crazy fast — 10 minutes to pick the items, 10 minutes to sort them in the back-end, and 10 minutes for delivery. During my hour or so at the store, I saw more than a few Hema employees sprinting to get orders completed.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderIt may not seem like a big deal to Americans, but the fact that all produce is packaged and sealed is major for Chinese consumers. Most Chinese supermarkets, even Walmart, look more akin to neighborhood markets, where cleanliness is not the top priority.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderThe ideal scenario for Hema and Alibaba is that a customer comes into the store, buys a single orange on the app, tastes it in the store, and then decides to order a bulk delivery to his or her home for then or later. In the future, the customer then trusts that the oranges at Hema are high quality and doesn’t hesitate to order more online.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderIf you come across a fruit, vegetable, or fish that you’ve never seen before, you can immediately scan the item and learn what it is, nutritional information, and any number of popular recipes for how to cook it. It makes being adventurous in your shopping a lot less scary.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderOr you can just try one of the products at any number of the testing stations set up around the store.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderIn contrast to most American supermarkets, Hema is about making shopping so convenient that you don’t need to buy a lot (like Costco), but you buy often.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderAfter about 20 minutes or so, the seafood was ready. And, I have to say, I traveled for a month in China and this still might have been the best seafood I had. It was super fresh, perfectly springy and tender, and cooked in three very different (and complicated) preparations. This is not your average supermarket takeout. Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderWhile Hema is an innovative concept, many analysts have questioned whether the business will be able to turn a profit. The stores are located in prime locations, which means high operating costs, and don’t have enough locations to spread out logistics costs, Bain & Co. partner Jason Ding told Forbes last year.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderWhile Alibaba certainly has the capital to invest in Hema until it gets big enough to become profitable, both companies maintain that, despite plans to grow to 2,000 stores in five years, the aim is not to develop a massive grocery chain. “When the model is more established, it can be shared with other traditional retailers to help them transform in the digital age,” Hou told Forbes last year.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderIt was time to leave, but not before having a look at checkout. There are no cashiers, but a number of checkout kiosks where you have to pay with Alipay. If you want to pay with cash, you have to go to the service center on the right. Hema and Alibaba really want people to stay in their app.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderHema is more or less a “prototype” for how Alibaba envisions retail in the future, according to the company. One can imagine similar principles around convenience, delivery, ease of purchase, and product information in stores ranging from electronics to clothing to home furnishings. In that context, a store becomes the place to convince you to (or dissuade you from) buying one thing or another, rather than another chore to complete.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderPerhaps one of the coolest —or creepiest, depending on your views — features in the store is the facial recognition payment. Because sales are linked to Alipay, the checkout can simply scan your face to confirm your purchase. It’s near instantaneous. You put in your phone number after as an added layer of security.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderAs I walked through the store, all I could think about was what a tech company of Alibaba’s size could do if it was handed the keys to an already existing major grocery chain.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business InsiderWhich brings us back to Amazon and Whole Foods. The technological advancements that Alibaba has brought to Hema — ease of in-app ordering, ultra-fast delivery, price-matching, facial recognition payment, tailored stocking of shelves based on spending habits, etc — could easily be brought from Amazon to Whole Foods. And, in my opinion, given Amazon’s obsession with efficiency, it’s a matter of when, not if.Image credit: Harrison Jacobs/Business Insider  Alibabalast_img read more