Fire Marshal Assesses Scene of Explosion in Waterville

first_imgThe Nova Scotia Office of the Fire Marshal has completed its assessment of the explosion site at Porter Lane in Waterville. The incident happened today, Feb. 24, at 1:15 a.m. Provincial fire marshal Harold Pothier conducted a scene examination and determined the explosion was caused by a combination oil and wood-burning furnace that overheated and ruptured. The explosion was originally thought to be gas related. “Thankfully, the occupants were sleeping, and therefore laying down, which may have saved their lives,” said Mr. Pothier. Six occupants were taken to hospital and treated, five of whom have been released. The explosion destroyed the single-story home. -30-last_img

Search for Denny Poole this Thursday

first_imgWhistles, bear bells, bug spray, reflective vests, water and snacks will be supplied by Horne.Horne is hoping someone can help with Walkie-talkies and an elder that could help smudge the group and say a prayer before the search.To view the FB event page; CLICK HERE DAWSON CREEK, B.C. – Jessica Horne shares she would rather have a search party than a Birthday party this Thursday, July 25, 2019.Horne shares further the search party will meet at the brake check on the Dawson side of the Kiskatinaw Bridge at noon and will proceed to search until 5 pm.last_img

Debt burden and BRI

first_imgChinese President Xi Jinping will have to hard sell BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) in the 2nd Forum, concluding today in Beijing. BRI envisages massive investment in infrastructure, encompassing marine, rail and road projects across 65 countries from Asian to Europe and Africa, that collectively account for 30 per cent of global GDP. BRI was expected to emerge as a fulcrum to the global economic and political landscape, under Chinese hegemony. However, fear of debt trap for smaller and weaker nations looms large. Further, in the light of the US-China trade war, BRI is losing the steam. Many of the debt-laden countries are scaling down their projects under BRI and some are feared for losing their political sovereignty. Also Read – A special kind of bondThe fallacy of the debt trap lies with China luring small and weaker nations with massive loans in the name of infrastructure development. And, when their debt is not paid, it captures their land and resources. It violates the global norms for a development loan, as it leaves little room for debt relief. Observers and analysts accused China of playing a game of bully with “debt diplomacy”. Certain projects become dormant despite the huge investment. According to the Washington Post, some projects with big investment make no economic sense. In Sri Lanka, Chinese loan was spent in the designated airport to handle a million passengers in a year. Now, it has been dubbed as one of the emptiest airports. Also Read – Insider threat managementThe harsh critic of BRI is Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahatir Mohammad, who demanded re-negotiation of East Coast Rail Link project with Chinese financial support. The project was approved by the previous government. The present government reduced the scope and cost of the project by a third. His Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry accused over-pricing, which created a financial burden on the government. Joining the stream was Pakistan, who recently cancelled Rahim Yar Khan power project, which was part of BRI. It has cut the size of Belt and Road project by US$ 2 billion. The Railway Minister Rashid said that “Pakistan is a poor country that cannot afford huge debt burden” Sri Lanka has already sunk in the debt trap. Its Hambantota Port was taken over by China for a 99-year lease on account of Sri Lanka’s failure to repay the loan. Myanmar announced that it was wishing to scale down the Kyaukpyu Port project. In the Maldives, the ratio of debt to GDP sparked to 70 per cent, believed to be due to BRI. In August 2018, President of Maldives Abdul Yameen inaugurated Chinese–built bridge connecting two islands in the archipelago. One month later, Yameen was voted out and the new government began decoding the mountain of the debt burden. Yameen, a close friend of China, borrowed heavily from Beijing to build a new runway for the airport, housing development and hospitals and a long “China-Maldives- Friendship Bridge”. A study by the Centre for Global Development portrays eight nations vulnerable to Chinese debt trap under BRI. They are mostly African and Eurasia countries, and Pakistan. India is not a party to BRI. It suspected the project is a smokescreen, which China is using to siege strategic control on the Indian Ocean. Nevertheless, it poses a big challenge to India to increase hobnobing with its neighbours and friends in Africa. The Chinese debt trap leads to loss of financial sovereignty of these countries. Debts are turning into equity and finally, ownership goes to China. This will weaken trade opportunities between India and its neighbours, some of ASEAN nations and African countries. The growing burden of debt will give more opportunities to China to dominate the terms for trade and investment with the debt-ridden countries. SAFTA (South Asia Free Trade Area) and ASEAN are the cases in point. It will be a new turf for Chinese backdoor entry to India through Bangladesh and Nepal and some ASEAN members. The surge in debt burden will increase India’s vulnerability in the emerging trade block, say RCEP (Regional Cooperation for Economic Partnership). The countries which are currently suspected to fall prey to the debt trap are members of RCEP such as Malaysia, Laos, and Myanmar. China is the biggest stakeholder in RCEP, which includes ASEAN 10 + 6 (China, Japan, Australia, South Korea, New Zealand, and India). At present, India has a trade deficit with RCEP, which is mainly due to China. Given China’s predominance in RCEP, the major concern for India is the trade expansion with debt-laden countries, who are likely to lose trade sovereignty. It will provide a leeway to China for its backdoor entry into India. Apart from trade vulnerability, the debt trap will escalate security concerns. The growing debt burden, which will rip the political sovereignty of India’s neighbours, is feared to escalate security concerns. The acquisition of Hambantota Port in Sri Lank by China is a case in point, where security vulnerability will rise with Chinese aggression in the Indian Ocean. The port is likely to be used for China’s military base, as is suspected. Given the deceleration of BRI rhetoric in the wake of rising debt burden for smaller and weaker nations and the trade war between US and China, which hardly foresees cease-fire in the near term, it is imperative for China to reinvent the project. In light of this, India needs a constant watch and dialogue with debt-laden countries from the perspectives of trade expansion and deepening political relations with these countries. (The views expressed are strictly personal)last_img read more

PCs NDP say Liberals afraid to make decisions Wynne names 36 advisory

by Keith Leslie, The Canadian Press Posted Oct 22, 2013 9:31 am MDT PCs, NDP say Liberals afraid to make decisions; Wynne names 36 advisory panels AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email TORONTO – Kathleen Wynne has created three dozen different panels to advise the Ontario government since she became premier last February because the Liberals are tired and out of ideas, Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak said Tuesday.“Thirty-six panels in nine months has to be some kind of record,” Hudak said as he launched an attack against Wynne during question period. “Why is it the only way you can get a good job in the province of Ontario is to be on another Liberal panel?”The New Democrats also wondered why the Liberals needed so many expert panels to advise them when they’ve been in power for more than a decade.“If they haven’t figured out what the people of this province want and need in terms of good government, then they’ve been asleep at the switch for an awfully long time,” said NDP Leader Andrea Horwath.A fired-up Wynne told the legislature she wasn’t about to apologize for consulting the public on issues such as funding public transit, supporting Ontario’s horse-racing sector and increasing the minimum wage. The previous Conservative government always acted without first talking to people, added Wynne.“If the party opposite, when they were in government, if they had consulted, if they had talked to anyone about the sale of the 407, if they had talked to anyone about cutting social assistance rates, if they had talked to anyone about amalgamating cities and amalgamating school boards … we would be in this province in a very different position,” she said. “But the decisions that were made by that government undermined the social fabric of this province.”The Liberals also have panels advising the government on jobs and growth, payday loans, the towing industry, a long-term energy strategy, the scope of practice for nurses, changing the mining tax, putting calorie counts on restaurant menus, university course loads and even bee health.“I’m not going to apologize for being a government that understands that talking to people outside the walls of this building is a very important aspect of making good decisions,” said Wynne.The premier set up all the advisory panels to distract from the fact the Liberals haven’t come up with a plan to boost the economy or create jobs, said Hudak.“You seem to define jobs by how many panels you can instruct. Look, it’s getting to the point of ludicrousness, premier,” he said. “You appointed a panel to study taxes for transit and then you appointed a panel to study your panel. You can’t make this stuff up.”Horwath admitted she too likes to consult the public before the NDP take positions on certain issues, but said eventually the time comes for real decisions and the Liberals don’t seem to be able to make them.“There is definitely value in consultation, but at some point you have to get to the actual action,” said Horwath. “The problem is while all of these panels are doing their various bits and pieces of work, not much is happening in the province except for the things New Democrats are forcing Liberals to take action on, like youth job creation and lower auto insurance rates.”Wynne said the government has taken steps to help 1,500 young people find jobs with the help of a youth employment fund, and has helped create more than 60,000 other jobs across Ontario.“We must make investments in people and in infrastructure, and we have to talk with business to make sure we create an environment that is going to allow them to thrive,” she said. “That’s what we’re doing.” read more

US trade deficit drops to 434 billion in October with oil imports

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by Martin Crutsinger, The Associated Press Posted Dec 5, 2014 6:37 am MDT FILE – In this Friday, May 16, 2014 file photo, a Maersk Line vessel is guided by a tugboat as it heads into the Port of Miami off of Miami Beach, Fla. The Commerce Department releases international trade data for October on Friday, Dec. 5, 2014. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky, File) US trade deficit drops to $43.4 billion in October with oil imports falling to 5-year low WASHINGTON – The U.S. trade deficit fell slightly in October as exports rebounded while oil imports dipped to the lowest level in five years.The Commerce Department says the deficit edged down 0.4 per cent to $43.4 billion, down from a revised $43.6 billion in September.Exports climbed 1.2 per cent to $197.5 billion, recovering after a September dip. Imports were up as well, rising 0.9 per cent to $241 billion but that increase was held back by a 0.6 per cent fall in imports of petroleum, which dropped to the lowest level since November 2009. The average price of a barrel of oil dipped to $88.47, the lowest point since February 2011.Through October, the deficit is running 4.8 per cent below the same period in 2013. A lower deficit provides a boost to economic growth. read more

SecretaryGeneral hails commitment of Burundian political actors to dialogue

“This meeting marks another step forward for Burundi. For the first time since 2010, you have come together to discuss elections. And more broadly to shape your country’s political future,” Mr. Ban stated in a video message to participants at an electoral lessons learned workshop organized by the United Nations Office in Burundi (BNUB).“I hope your discussions will help define Burundi’s next steps on the path of democracy and development. I applaud your commitment to dialogue. I encourage you to have open, constructive discussions on sensitive issues,” he said.Representatives of more than 40 political parties and political actors, including some who left the country after the 2010 elections, as well as civil society leaders, are attending the three-day workshop aimed at analyzing the lessons from the 2010 electoral process and determining elements for a road map towards the 2015 presidential and parliamentary elections.The Secretary-General stressed the importance of the elections for Burundi, “which is determined to address its peacebuilding and development challenges, but also inclusive dialogue” during the pre-electoral period.“Elections are not the only ingredient in a democratic system. Inclusive dialogue is critical even before elections. Democracy also demands diversity, openness and participation. These contribute to an environment conducive to free, fair and transparent elections,” he added.“After elections, the winners must display magnanimity. The losers must accept the outcome with dignity. Both must work together to benefit all citizens,” Mr. Ban noted, as he reiterated the UN’s willingness to continue supporting Burundi.The workshop was inaugurated by the First Vice President of Burundi, Therence Sinunguruza, who expressed the Government’s openness and willingness to work with all parties involved towards “the preparation of a legal and institutional framework towards peaceful, free, transparent and democratic elections” in 2015.On his part, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Burundi, Parfait Onanga-Anyanga, remarked that the massive presence of participants was a clear sign of political actors’ will to move forward and in line with President Pierre Nkurunziza’s appeal in August 2012 for a well organized electoral process in 2015.Mr. Onanga-Anyanga stressed that the workshop provides an opportunity to place dialogue at the heart of the democratic process. He also raised the need to reinforce the political dialogue process initiated in 2012 and to sustain it through 2015 and beyond, as well as the need to create a pre-electoral environment that will enable all political parties to conduct their activities unhindered. The workshop focuses on political and technical issues related to the electoral process, international standards, and experiences related to the holding of elections.Last month the UN Security Council extended the mandate of BNUB until 15 February 2014 so that it can continue to support peace and long-term development in Burundi, including assisting the Government in fostering inclusive elections in 2015. read more

What The Hells Gotten Into Daniel Murphy

When theretofore ordinary second baseman Daniel Murphy turned into the reincarnation of Babe Ruth during last year’s playoffs, it was a fun story. Murphy was with the New York Mets through their lean, mediocre post-Madoff years, and he was suddenly the driving force behind their surprise World Series run. It seemed proof that in a handful of baseball games, damn near anything can happen.But for the sabermetrically minded (which presumably included the Mets’ front office), Murphy was still the decent-but-not-great player that his overall record said he was, and at age 30, he was likely on the downside of his career. So during the winter, the Mets moved on from Murphy to Neil Walker at second base — which, according to the stats, was basically the right call. Murphy signed with the Washington Nationals instead, and although projections suggested that he would have a solid season, there didn’t seem to be any way that he would build on his outlier postseason performance.Those projections have turned out to be flat-out wrong. Instead of reverting to his previous form, Murphy has looked an awful lot like the guy who went on that postseason tear: He currently ranks third in the National League in Weighted Runs Created Plus (wRC+)1A measure of a player’s runs generated per plate appearance, relative to the league, where average is 100 and higher numbers are better. and fourth in wins above replacement. (Murphy has also hit Mets pitching especially hard this year, delivering what already ranks as the most RBIs by a player against a team he played for the previous season since 1960.)For a guy who has never ranked higher than 37th in WAR, Murphy has taken a quantum leap forward. If Murphy maintains his current wRC+ for the entire season, it will be the 21st-biggest single-season improvement by a hitter over his previous career wRC+ at age 31 or older2With a minimum of 3,500 career plate appearances before the season in question and at least 350 plate appearances during the season itself. since 1901: Willie Stargell1971.398.628186.341.503134+52 PLAYERYEAROBPSLGWRC+OBPSLGWRC+WRC+ CHANGE Barry Bonds2002.582.799244.418.585164+80 Joe Morgan1976.444.576184.396.430138+46 Many of the people atop that list — including (but not limited to) Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Ken Caminiti and Mark McGwire — have admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs, were named in the Mitchell Report or were otherwise implicated in baseball’s steroid scandal via leaked test results. But nothing so sinister has been mentioned to explain Murphy’s rise, and some players outside the steroid era experienced similar (presumably natural) leaps in performance.Murphy has always credited Mets hitting coach Kevin Long with making several key adjustments to his approach at the plate in an effort to help him hit for more power. Here’s Tyler Kepner of The New York Times last October, on Murphy’s swing changes:“Long believed Murphy should harness [his] power by driving more with his legs, moving closer to the plate, getting his front foot down sooner and bringing his hands lower and closer to his body.”The numbers bear this out: Murphy’s 2016 isolated power is 115 points higher than his previous career average, and he’s hitting the ball authoritatively in new areas of the strike zone. Murphy was always a solid hitter on pitches up and on the inner half of the plate, but his new approach has him driving the ball more on pitches in the middle of the plate and even ones low and away: Paul O’Neill1994.460.603171.341.443115+56 Ken Caminiti1996.408.621169.328.402102+67 Barry Bonds2004.609.812233.433.602171+62 Roy Cullenbine1946.477.537182.402.422132+50 Luis Gonzalez2001.429.688173.355.460114+59 Only includes players with a minimum of 3,500 career plate appearances before season and 350 in season.WRC+ = Weighted Runs Created PlusSource: Fangraphs Lonnie Smith1989.415.533166.362.401116+50 Of course, it’s still unlikely that Murphy has morphed into a hidden superstar after seven big-league seasons. Players in their 30s who improved on their previous career wRC+ by between 40 and 60 points in one season tended to lose 36 points of batting average, 38 points of on-base percentage and 80 points of slugging percentage the next year. But, on average, they were still better than they’d been before. Even a year after the initial breakout, they hit for a wRC+ 15 points higher than their career average had been beforehand.That means Murphy probably is a better hitter now than he was in New York. And considering the damage he’s already personally inflicted on the Mets in head-to-head competition, it also means he may well end up being the key to an NL East title for the Nationals. Not bad for a player most thought would turn back into a pumpkin after his Cinderella story last October.Check out our latest MLB predictions. Dixie Walker1944.434.529168.369.434115+53 Mike Schmidt1981.435.644198.375.526145+53 Javy Lopez2003.378.687170.332.478107+63 Jermaine Dye2006.385.622151.334.469104+47 Sammy Sosa2001.437.737186.333.523119+67 Roberto Clemente1967.400.554170.348.455118+52 Biggest hitting improvements at age 31 or older, 1901-2016 Brady Anderson1996.396.637155.349.393103+52 Barry Bonds2001.515.863235.411.567159+76 Mark McGwire1998.470.752205.382.556152+53 SEASONPREVIOUS CAREER Jimmy Dykes1929.412.539143.356.40496+47 Daniel Murphy2016.387.598157.331.424109+48 J.T. Snow2004.429.529153.353.426104+49 Rickey Henderson1990.439.577190.400.429136+54 Victor Martinez2014.409.565167.369.464120+47 Bret Boone2001.372.578149.313.41388+61 Eddie Joost1949.429.453136.332.32187+49 read more

Backbench TDs would welcome the Troika back as long as theyre on

first_imgYouTube: Hugh O’ConnellFINE GAEL AND Labour backbenchers had a “good, frank” conversation with officials from the Troika this morning in Dublin.Speaking after the meeting at the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, Fine Gael TD Dara Murphy said the Troika of officials from the EU, IMF and ECB were “very clear” that availing of a precautionary credit line after the bailout would be a matter for the Irish government.“They are quite satisfied that their job is done here in Ireland,” Murphy said.The meeting was the first time government backbenchers have met with Troika officials since Ireland entered the bailout three years ago.Labour TD Kevin Humphreys said that it wasn’t a case of “good riddance” but that he would like to see the officials come back to Ireland on holidays “rather than as a supervisor for the Irish State”.“I’d welcome them back on holidays,” he said. “I’d welcome them back to see the All Blacks playing in Lansdowne Road.“But I don’t necessarily ever want to see that we would ever have to bring foreign powers back into this country to tell us what we have to do.”Read: Backbench TDs to meet the Troika for the first time todaylast_img read more

Women who use a surrogate mother have no right to maternity leave

first_imgWOMEN WHO USE surrogate mothers to have a child do not have a legal right to maternity leave when the baby is born, the European Court of Justice has ruled.The European Union’s highest court said EU “law does not establish a right to paid leave equal to maternity leave or adoption leave” for women having a child by a surrogate.At the same time, EU member states are free to apply more accommodating rules if they choose to do so, it added.The court was considering two cases: a woman in Ireland who was fertile but had no uterus, used a surrogate mother in California.She and her husband were the child’s full biological parents and recognised as such under US law.Parental rightsIn the second case, one of a British woman who could not get pregnant and had a child, fathered by her husband but carried by another woman and using another woman’s egg.The husband and wife were subsequently given full parental rights over the child with the consent of the surrogate mother.Maternity leaveIn both cases, however, when the women asked for maternity leave so as to look after their babies, their employers turned them down on the grounds that neither had gone through a pregnancy or adopted their children.Reviewing the cases against EU legislation on conditions for working mothers, fair treatment and physical handicap, the court said it could find no grounds to say that such a refusal of maternity leave breached EU law.The relevant 1992 law stated that maternity leave must be granted to a woman “who has been pregnant and who has given birth to a child,” it noted.Earlier this year, Minister for Justice Alan Shatter said that proposals for the reform of family law in areas such as “non-traditional” families will shortly be considered by Cabinet.“I am aiming, therefore, to develop a system in which a child born through assisted human reproduction using donor material from a third party would be the child of the both members of the couple,” he said.- © AFP, 2014, additional reporting by Christina FinnRead: State to appeal ruling in landmark ‘surrogate birth cert’ case >Shatter: ‘Legal clarity for surrogate and LGBT parents by year end’ >last_img read more

Midleton locals hold protest over ambulance service after boys death

first_imgALMOST 200 PEOPLE protested outside the office of a Midleton TD this morning over the area’s ambulance service, following the death of a young boy in the town last week.Two-year-old Vakaris Martinaitis was injured following a fall from an upstairs window. He was brought to hospital by Cork All-Ireland winning hurler Kevin Hennessy, who met the family following the fall and rang the ambulance service.He was told there was no ambulance available at that time and drove the injured boy to South Doc and then on to the hospital. Sadly, the toddler later died in hospital.Vakaris Martinaitis is to be buried today in Midleton.ProtestPic: Cllr Ger BuckleyLocal Sinn Féin councillor in Midleton, Pat Buckley, told that close to 200 people arrived at Fine Gael Deputy David Stanton’s office at 9am.He described the protest as “just one in a series of many in Midleton to protest over the lack of proper ambulance cover for the town and for East Cork as a whole”.This inadequacy of the emergency services in East Cork will not be tolerated by the people anymore and this morning’s protest is a testament to the people living here and everyone should be congratulated.He said that: “What people want to see is that Midleton gets two ambulances and a rapid response car staffed by an advanced paramedic based in the town, which is very central in its location with regards to East Cork”.The protest was to call on Deputy Stanton to ensure the issue is raised in the Dáil tomorrow. Buckley said that Stanton was receptive to the protestors and that he was hopeful the issue would be raised. The Martinaitis family was informed about the protest.Buckley added that in Midleton “there’s fear, there’s sorrow, there’s still anger” following the boy’s tragic death.“Lets hope and pray that through tragedy something responsible and right will come from this,” concluded the councillor.Photo: Cllr Ger BuckleyInvestigationThe HSE has begun an investigation into Martniaitis’s death. The director of the National Ambulance Service (NAS), in line with the HSE’s Incident Management policy, has commissioned a formal incident review into the manner in which the 999 call received from Midleton at 2pm on Monday 6 May 2013 was managed.The HSE said that the preliminary examination of the facts confirmed that an emergency ambulance was immediately available to respond to the call.However, it said that in order to fully establish all the facts surrounding the management of this emergency call, including why the emergency ambulance was not made available, a formal review has been established.The review team will include experts in pre-hospital emergency care and primary care from both Ireland and the UK and a representative from this team will liaise with the family.The NAS said it would like to reassure the public “that reports of a reduction in emergency cover in the area are incorrect”.It said that the reorganisation of the ambulance service in the region “has seen an approximate increase of 11 per cent in rostered man hours in the area over the last 12 months”.Read: “Black cloud over Midleton” after tragic death of toddler>last_img read more

Weird Wide Web Robot wars serious gamers and perfectly healthy humans

first_imgWELCOME TO THE Weird Wide Web – where we take a look at the week’s best offerings in tech and social media news.One I made earlier feature of the weekFacebook has launched a feature that lets you store links from your feed, pages, events and other places on the app so you can view them later. As TechCruch points out, it could be particularly useful for compiling restaurants or attractions to check out while travelling. Or, an easy way of finding that status that really annoyed you so you can compile an unbelievable clever response to it when you have more time… Source: FacebookGamers of the weekA Chinese team has taken home the $5 million prize after winning a massive gaming contest created by developer Valve. The best players of PC game Dota2 were pitted against one another and a total of €10.9 million was distributed between the winners and runners up, BBC reported. Source: ValveQuest for perfection of the weekA new Google project will collect anonymous genetic and molecular data thousands of people to create what is hopefully a full picture of a perfectly healthy human being, the Wall Street Journal reports.Robot wars possibility of the weekJapan’s Prime Minister basically said he wants an all-robot event in the Olympics that would see robots compete against one another in technical skills, AFP reported. We’ll accept nothing less than this… Source: robot-wars via TumblrHeadache helper of the weekScientists have yet to discover a direct cure for migraines but this helpful app does its best to keep track of them and hopefully help prevent them, Mashable reports. Migraine Buddy keeps all the information about your nasty headaches in one place as well as data about other potential triggers so it can try to understand what’s causing them. Source: Delllast_img read more

Man 45 shot in leg by masked gunman at Dublin house

first_imgThe gunman, who was also wearing a balaclava and black gloves, fled from the scene on foot to a waiting car.A blue BMW saloon with a 02 C registration was discovered partially burnt out at Greenwood Walk, on the far side of the Malahide Road, a short time later.According to gardaí:A second car, a black coloured Volkswagon Golf with a partial registration number 99 C was later located close to Shamrock Cottages in the North Strand area. Both vehicles have been seized for technical examination and scenes have been preserved.No arrests have been made. Man (45) shot in leg by masked gunman at Dublin house Gardaí are appealing for witnesses. By Daragh Brophy 18,456 Views Source: Dublin Fire Brigade/Twitter Updated at 11.50amGARDAÍ ARE APPEALING for witnesses to a shooting in north Dublin last night.It happened at a house at Belcamp Crescent, Coolock shortly before midnight.A man aged 45 suffered a gunshot wound to his leg when a gunman forced entry to his house and shot him.According to gardaí:He received medical assistance at the scene before being taken to Beaumont Hospital with non life threatening injuries. No other injuries have been reported.The gunman is described as being:A young manAround 5′ 7″He wore a navy hooded topAnd black runners Share17 Tweet Email Investigating gardaí want to speak to witnesses or anyone else with information, particularly people who may have seen either of the two cars before or after the shooting.You can call:Coolock Garda Station on 01 6664200The Garda Confidential Line 1800 666111Or any Garda stationNote: An earlier version of this article, based on a Garda press release, incorrectly stated that a Honda CRV was found in the North Strand area. That detail was updated after a second Garda press release was sent, shortly after 11am. Read: Four fire units tackle blaze at house in south Dublin >Read: Cars that were seized by gardaí destroyed in Louth warehouse blaze > Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Mar 30th 2017, 11:40 AM Kilbarrack Fire Engine with FF/Advanced Paramedic on board and our Swords Ambulance attended a shooting incident last night. 1 to hospital.— Dublin Fire Brigade (@DubFireBrigade) March 30, 2017 Short URL Thursday 30 Mar 2017, 11:40 AM 9 Comments last_img read more

Nouveau changement de PDG à la tête de HP Leo Apotheker remplacé

first_imgNouveau changement de PDG à la tête de HP, Leo Apotheker remplacéL’ancienne PDG d’eBay Meg Whitman remplace Leo Apotheker, renvoyé après seulement un an de service. Un changement qui n’éclaire néanmoins pas sur les intentions du groupe américain.Après une seule année d’exercice, Leo Apotheker a été remplacé de son poste de PDG de HP par le conseil d’administration du groupe informatique américain. C’est l’ancienne boss d’eBay et actuelle membre de ce conseil d’administration, Meg Whitman, qui lui succède. À lire aussiUn écran tactile de 132 pouces chez HP: le HP VantagePoint”Nous sommes à un moment critique et nous avons besoin d’un leadership renouvelé pour mettre en oeuvre avec succès notre stratégie et tirer partie des opportunités du marché à venir”, justifie ainsi Ray Layne, président du conseil, dans des propos relayés par Zdnet. Mais quelle stratégie exactement ?Car si Leo Apotheker avait séparé l’activité de fabrication de PC du reste du groupe et l’avait recentré sur les services aux entreprises, le flou reste entier. Il semble que Meg Whitman veuille redonner confiance aux investisseurs sur la capacité du groupe à s’imposer sur deux secteurs actuellement en panne chez HP, les tablettes tactiles et les smartphones. Son bilan chez eBay, où elle a fait passer le chiffre d’affaires de 5 millions de dollars à 7 milliards de dollars durant son mandat, parle pour elle.Le 23 septembre 2011 à 11:33 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Étudier les ailes des hiboux pour fabriquer des avions plus silencieux

first_imgÉtudier les ailes des hiboux pour fabriquer des avions plus silencieuxLors d’une réunion de l’American Physical Society, à San Diego, des chercheurs britanniques ont présenté leurs travaux sur l’aérodynamisme des ailes de hiboux, dont ils espèrent s’inspirer pour rendre les futurs avions moins bruyants.Les ailes des hiboux montrent une anatomie très particulière qui contribue à rendre le vol de ces rapaces nocturnes plus silencieux. Un avantage non négligeable quand on sait que ces oiseaux chassent à l’ouïe. Aujourd’hui, les spécialistes ont identifié plusieurs caractéristiques physiques distinctes : un ‘peigne’ de plumes raides le long du bord d’attaque de l’aile, un duvet doux sur le dessus de celle-ci et une frange souple sur le bord de fuite. Mais on ne sait pas encore si la furtivité du vol est due à un seul de ces attributs ou à la combinaison des trois.À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?C’est pour tenter de le savoir que l’équipe du Dr Justin Jaworski, de l’Université de Cambridge a lancé de nouveaux travaux. Leur principe : développer, via des modèles mathématiques, une base théorique pour étudier ces mécanismes, afin de faire progresser l’industrie aéronautique. “Toutes les ailes, qu’elles soient naturelles ou artificielles, créent des tourbillons (ou turbulences) en fendant les airs. Lorsque ceux-ci atteignent le bord de fuite de l’aile, ils sont amplifiés et dispersés sous forme de son”, explique le Dr Jaworski. Un phénomène accru sur les avions conventionnels, aux bords de fuite rigides.‘Assouplir’ ces fameux bords en s’inspirant des ailes de hiboux pourrait ainsi rendre les appareils plus silencieux, selon les chercheurs. “Cela implique que la source de bruit dominante pour les ailes conventionnelles pourrait être éliminée. La signature sonore de l’aile pourrait alors être dictée par des mécanismes sonores mineurs tels que la rugosité de la surface de l’aile”, conclut Nigel Peake, un autre scientifique cité par le DailyMail.Le 25 novembre 2012 à 19:00 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

These Are The Last Jedi Lego Sets Youre Looking For

first_imgAnother Force Friday is upon us, Geek readers, and it’s the perfect day for toy companies to reveal all their hot, new Star Wars merch! Lego’s getting in on the action with a whole slew of sets to celebrate the impending debut of The Last Jedi.Let’s start off with the biggest of the bunch, the First Order Star Destroyer. It’s a 1416-piece stud-blasting instrument of interstellar destruction. This should be a fun one to build — Lego’s other Star Destroyers have featured some cool building techniques.The set includes a half dozen minifigs: a first order officer, pilot, stormtrooper, stormtrooper sergeant, a not at all intimidating Supreme Leader Snoke, and BB-9E. It’s priced at $159.99.Following close behind (with 40 fewer pieces and $10 knocked off the price) is the First Order Heavy Assault Walker. The 1300-plus piece model is fully articulated and ready to stomp on the included Rey, Poe, and Resistance trooper minifigs. Well, try, anyway. I’m willing to bet that the First Order driver and stormtrooper don’t have the greatest aim when it comes to taking on lead characters.There’s still a bunch more to see, so take a flip through our gallery to check them out… here’s a sneak peek at the amazing buildable BB-8 before you do!View as: One Page Slides1. First Order Heavy Scout WalkerComes with General Hux, Resistance trooper, First Order gunner and Flametrooper minifigs. $49.99 Buy it Here2. Resistance BomberFeatures another Poe Dameron minifig you’ll need to round out your collection. Also includes Vice Admiral Holdo, a Resistance bomber pilot and bombardier, and gunner Paige. $109.95. Buy it Here3. Resistance Transport PodThis fun little set goes for $29.99 and comes with Finn, BB-8, and Rose. Buy it Here4. Kylo Ren’s TIE FighterWhen he’s not pretending to be Matt the radar technician or wrecking things with his wonky lightsaber, Kylo Ren flies around blowing things up in his TIE fighter. Also features BB-9E and a First Order stromtrooper and TIE pilot, because sometimes the boss needs someone else to take the controls. $79.99. Buy it Here5. BB-8This buildable BB-8 is one of the coolest sets Lego has revealed in a long time. If you didn’t check out the video embedded in the post, make sure you do.. He’s got some tricks up his sleeve! $99.99. Buy it HereLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Utility linemen brave cold ice to restore power

first_imgDETROIT — When an ice storm glazed over Michigan last weekend, Tony Carone feared he wouldn’t be spending Christmas at home with his family.“Nobody had to call. I heard it on the top of my roof,” Carone said.The 52-year-old lineman for Detroit-based DTE Energy is one of the thousands of electrical workers who have put in double shifts trying to restore power to more than a half-million homes and businesses. Outages stretched from the Great Plains to Maine and into eastern Canada.“My power went out the same time as everybody else’s,” Carone said of the power to his Lapeer home, north of Detroit. It was about 7:30 a.m. Sunday, while he was on the phone with his utility’s area leader. He walked out the door a half-hour later and has been working 16 hours a day ever since.The storm has been blamed for 17 deaths in the U.S. and 10 in Canada. Five people apparently died from carbon monoxide poisoning tied to using generators.Michigan bore the brunt of the storm as nearly 600,000 homes and businesses lost power, and as of Friday morning, about 64,000 customers remained in the dark. Maine reported almost 12,000 outages and in eastern Canada, nearly 62,000 still hadn’t had their power restored, including 33,000 in Toronto.last_img read more

Apples new file size limit lets you download 200MB apps without WiFi

first_img Aug 31 • iPhone XR vs. iPhone 8 Plus: Which iPhone should you buy? A new download limit has arrived. Apple With Apple’s WWDC 2019 right around the corner, the company has made a change to its App Store that could make downloading apps a bit easier. But those on limited data plans should be wary.Apple’s cellular download limits for apps increased this week from 150MB to 200MB in the App Store. The change was spotted earlier by 9to5Mac. This means users will not see a message telling them to connect to Wi-Fi to download apps below the new file size limit. The last time Apple changed the download limits was September 2017, bumping it up from 100MB to 150MB. It tends to make the change every few years as cellular data services improve, such as in 2012 when the jump from 3G to 4G spurred the company to increase the data limit to a whopping 50MB. With 5G networks currently being tested by T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon, the iPhone maker seems to be prepping for the jump in speed coming. Apple didn’t immediately reply to a request for comment.  Aug 31 • Your phone screen is gross. Here’s how to clean it CNET Apps Today See All Best Buy See It Boost Mobile Aug 31 • Best places to sell your used electronics in 2019 Sprint • Apple iPhone XS reading • Apple’s new file size limit lets you download 200MB apps without Wi-Fi $999 $999 Review • iPhone XS review, updated: A few luxury upgrades over the XR $999center_img Share your voice 0 CNET may get a commission from retail offers. Tags Aug 31 • iPhone 11, Apple Watch 5 and more: The final rumors Apple Mentioned Above Apple iPhone XS (64GB, space gray) See It $999 Preview • iPhone XS is the new $1,000 iPhone X Mobile See It See it Post a comment 5G Sprint Applelast_img read more

Amazon pledges to fight homelessness in its headquarter cities

first_imgAmazon says its $8 million donation will “help offer additional housing and support services for our neighbors in need.” Getty images Amazon said Tuesday that it would donate $8 million to fight homelessness. Plymouth Housing in Washington will receive $5 million, and the Arlington Community Foundation will get $3 million. Both nonprofits are located in Amazon headquarter cities. In addition to the donation, Amazon will match employee contributions to the following charities up to $5 million through Sept. 30: Accelerator YMCA.AHC Inc.Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing.A-SPAN.Bellwether Housing.Carpenter’s Shelter.Community Lodgings.Compass Housing Alliance.Cornerstones.Doorways.El Centro de la Raza.Facets.FareStart.Friendship Place.Hopelink.Mary’s Place.Plymouth Housing.Wellspring Family Services.Wesley Housing Development Corporation.YouthCare.The funds will help increase access to affordable housing for low-income families and veterans, according to Amazon. The nonprofits can use the money to create more housing units and add support services for community members in those regions. In Amazon’s release, Paul Lambros, CEO of Plymouth Housing, said Amazon’s initiative would help the nonprofit meet the immediate needs of thousands of people in the coming years. And Jennifer Owens, president and CEO of the Arlington Community Foundation, said, “Our veterans and working families deserve an appropriate standard of living that is healthy, safe and makes for a vibrant community. This gift is a great contribution toward that cause.”Jay Carney, senior vice president of Global Corporate Affairs at Amazon, said homelessness and affordable housing are real concerns in headquarter cities.”We believe this gift can help offer additional housing and support services for our neighbors in need. In addition, together with our employees, we will donate to nonprofits located in Washington state; Washington, DC; Maryland and Virginia, whose missions support affordable housing and people experiencing homelessness,” Carney said.Last month, MacKenzie Bezos signed the Giving Pledge, following her divorce from the Amazon CEO. The split would make MacKenzie Bezos one of the richest people in the world, worth about $37 billion. She plans to give away at least half of her fortune. To date, her soon-to-be-ex husband hasn’t signed the pledge. Last September, Jeff Bezos announced the charitable Bezos Day One Fund. The fund will initially focus on giving money to existing nonprofits that help homeless communities. Later, it’ll be geared toward creating a new network of top-tier preschools in low-income communities. In January, Microsoft also took strides to address homelessness. The company pledged $500 million to build low-cost homes in Seattle. The same month, Airbnb gave $2 million to aid homeless youth in San Francisco. Originally published June 11, 9:55 a.m. PT.Update, 11:21 a.m.: Adds more details.  Amazon 1:32 Amazon’s drones and robots want to take over your deliveries Share your voice 0center_img Post a comment Tags Tech Industry Now playing: Watch this:last_img read more

Wolves and logging both cut into Prince of Wales deer

first_imgMike Douville at the Dockside Cafe in Craig. (Photo by Elizabeth Jenkins/Alaska’s Energy Desk)This deer season has been the worst in recent memory for a lot of hunters on Prince of Wales Island. In the past, large-scale industrial logging damaged important winter habitat, and some locals believe there’s another reason there’s so few deer on the island: too many wolves.Listen nowGo anywhere in Craig and you’re likely to overhear bits of conversation about the deer season.That includes the local diner, the kind of place that displays its homemade pies behind glass. Mike Douville has just returned from a long day of hunting.Over sips of coffee, he explained how he bagged one deer today. But it’s taken him longer to fill his freezer this year. He remembers more plentiful seasons, and that’s not the only change he’s seen on the island during his lifetime.Douville says nearly all the big trees were standing when he was young. The first logging camps were just getting started.“The island was pristine. There was no clear cuts on it,” Douville said. “So I’ve watched it turn from what it is today.”Large swaths of trees have been logged here since the 1960s. It’s left poor habitat for deer and the other wildlife. Without a canopy of old growth, snow can easily fall to the ground — obscuring important feeding spots.Douville serves on the regional advisory council that makes recommendations to the federal subsistence board and the state. He says finding fewer deer on the island is affecting people’s livelihood.“This is rural Alaska. It’s bush Alaska,” Douville said. “We don’t like to buy meat. It’s eight or nine bucks a pound.”Still, Douville said logging is just one factor. The other is a rapidly growing wolf population. The wolves are devouring the deer.A wolf on Prince of Wales Island, as captured by a trail camera. (Photo courtesy of the Alaska Department of Fish & Game)“If you’re going to harvest deer, you have to harvest wolves,” Douville said.But not everyone agrees killing wolves is a good idea.In 2011, conservation groups petitioned the feds to protect the Alexander Archipelago wolf under the Endangered Species Act. Around that time, it was estimated there were about 89 wolves living in the unit — less than half of what was there 20 years before. But the wolves didn’t wind up receiving additional federal protections.Instead, there have been joint-efforts with the state to stabilize the population, and the numbers of wolves has been increasing. Estimates from 2016 suggest there are 231 wolves in the unit.Still, it’s not easy getting a handle on how many wolves there are.Mike Kampnich is driving his pickup truck to the top of a snowy ridge. He makes this rough ride regularly to collect hair samples from the Alexander Archipelago wolf.Kampnich used to be a logger when he arrived on the island more than 30 years ago. But now, he works for the The Nature Conservancy.“You know, some of the guys I worked for in the past. They’re like, you work for who?” Kampnich said with a chuckle.Mike Kampnich from the Nature Conservancy says he likes working at the local-level to bring people together. (Photo by Elizabeth Jenkins/Alaska’s Energy Desk)We stop at one of the hair board sights. Essentially, a piece of plywood nailed to the ground and rigged with barbed wire. A stinky goo is placed on top. The wolves like to rub up against it, so it’s the perfect comb for capturing their fur.Kampnich is careful to cover his tracks as we walk over to it. He puts on his glasses to get a better look. But there are no strands tangled in the barbwire. This is just one of 21 locations he’ll check on the island over the course of two days. When he does hit the jackpot, the hair is sent off to a lab to be analyzed by the state.The Alaska Department of Fish & Game uses the individual animal’s DNA to calculate the wolf population, and a percentage of that becomes the wolf quota — the number of wolves that can be trapped or hunted each year.Kampnich says it can be a touchy subject, locally. On a couple of occasions, he’s seen hair boards vandalized and trail cams disappear.“It’s really frustrating,” Kampnich said. “But you know, some people will mess with your stuff.”Kampnich doesn’t think it’s all related to tensions over the wolf population. Sometimes it looks like petty crime.“It’s probably a little of both,” Kampnich said.But Kampnich says wolf hunters have helped him, too. They’ve shown him good spots to place the hairboards.“I’ve helped him quite a bit because I’ve lived here. I’ve trapped wolves,” Mike Douville said.Douville wants there to be accurate wolf population estimates. And although he’s helped Kampnich in the past, he thinks using just the hairboards misses the mark.Douville said the wolf population is bigger than the science alone suggests. So the wolf quota should reflect that.Douville thinks anything above 175 wolves should be a harvestable surplus. Below that, hunters should be able to take up to 20 percent of the population.“I don’t think anybody here is interested in wiping them out,” Douville said. “We’ve always got one or two that might think that way. But for the most part, they’re OK with wolves. Just not so many.”Douville would like to see more traditional knowledge factored in to how the state gauges the number of wolves. But he says getting the wolf population figured out isn’t the only step to securing a future for the island’s deer.Douville thinks big timber sales on Prince of Wales should become a thing of the past — even if that means the last remaining sawmill dries up.“I’m not willing to sacrifice this island to keep it running,” Douville said. “I think there’s a limit on how much you donate to the cause and I think that we’re there.”Douville says he wants to live on the island from his childhood. It includes a healthy forest for humans, deer and wolves.Logging from the Big Thorne timber sale. (Photo by Elizabeth Jenkins/Alaska’s Energy Desk)Tongass in Transition is a series about trees told through the stories of people. Reporting for this was made possible by an award from the Institute for Journalism and Natural Resources.last_img read more

BJP needs communal riots fake patriotism lies to survive

first_imgBatanagar: Coming down heavily on BJP, Trinamool Youth Congress president Abhishek Banerjee said the party needs communal riots, fake patriotism and constant lies for survival. He was addressing a rally here on Sunday afternoon.Banerjee said the saffron party has tried to create confusion throughout the country by circulating lies. “BJP gives false data and figures to create confusion among people. But their leaders have understood that they cannot confuse people in Bengal by spreading lies. They are scared of Mamata Banerjee because she raises her voice against the BJP for telling lies constantly,” he said. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataHe said that after failing to counter him politically, BJP has tried to harass him on one pretext or the other. “But they have failed because I have protested against their attempts to malign me,” he said. In the history of India, no political party has spread hate politics more violently than the BJP, Banerjee said. “They try to weaken the society by dividing people and by spreading hate politics. They incite one group against the other for their gain. We should work together to oust them in the ensuing election,” he added. Addressing party workers, he said: “We are grateful to Mamata Banerjee for she has given us the opportunity to work for the people. We can express our gratitude by working for the people tirelessly.” Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateHe said more development will be carried out in Diamond Harbour and it will be upgraded into an important tourist centre. “In terms of expenditure of MPLAD funds, Diamond Harbour constituency stands first and it will maintain this trend in future also,” he added. Banerjee said he will stay in Diamond Harbour from May 11 to 17 and will visit every booth in the area. “We will have to work in a united way to oust BJP from power,” he told party workers and leaders.last_img read more