Croatia with 17 players to Rouen Minimum quarterfinal

Croatian NT coach Zeljko Babic announced squad for the World Championship in France on today’s press conference in Zagreb. Croatia will have 17 players in the roster as only question which is still open, whether goalkeeper in trio Ivic, Stevanovic and Pesic, will have to stay on the stands.Two players who will stay at home are right back Sime Ivic and line-player Kresimir Kozina.“Our minimum goal is to play quarter-finals, but primary goal is to built squad for the Men’s EHF EURO 2018 in Croatia”, said Babic.Croatian squad for France 2017:uGoalkeepers:Filip Ivić – HC Vive Tauron KielceIvan Stevanović – RK PPD ZagrebIvan Pešić – HC Meshkov BrestWings:Josip Božić-Pavletić – RK NEXEManuel Štrlek – HC Vive Tauron KielceLovro Mihić – HC Wisla PlockZlatko Horvat –  RK PPD ZagrebLine players:Tin Kontrec – RK PPD ZagrebŽeljko Musa – HC MagdeburgBack line:Marko Mamić – DunkerqueStipe Mandalinić – RK PPD ZagrebLovro Jotić – RK PPD ZagrebLuka Cindrić – HC VardarLuka Stepančić – HC Paris Saint-GermainLuka Šebetić – RK PPD ZagrebJakov Gojun – HC Füsche BerlinDomagoj Duvnjak – HC THW Kiel ← Previous Story ROBOT GOES TO POLAND: Blaž Janc to Vive Tauron Kielce! Next Story → HP WCh 2017 PREDICTION: Spain and Germany to attack France for the gold! Croatia handballFrance 2017 read more

Backbench TDs would welcome the Troika back as long as theyre on

first_imgYouTube: Hugh O’ConnellFINE GAEL AND Labour backbenchers had a “good, frank” conversation with officials from the Troika this morning in Dublin.Speaking after the meeting at the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, Fine Gael TD Dara Murphy said the Troika of officials from the EU, IMF and ECB were “very clear” that availing of a precautionary credit line after the bailout would be a matter for the Irish government.“They are quite satisfied that their job is done here in Ireland,” Murphy said.The meeting was the first time government backbenchers have met with Troika officials since Ireland entered the bailout three years ago.Labour TD Kevin Humphreys said that it wasn’t a case of “good riddance” but that he would like to see the officials come back to Ireland on holidays “rather than as a supervisor for the Irish State”.“I’d welcome them back on holidays,” he said. “I’d welcome them back to see the All Blacks playing in Lansdowne Road.“But I don’t necessarily ever want to see that we would ever have to bring foreign powers back into this country to tell us what we have to do.”Read: Backbench TDs to meet the Troika for the first time todaylast_img read more

Every day Rehab doesnt disclose salary causes dreadful damage to charities

first_imgIt’s a terrible state of affairs, the trusting relationship between the public and volunteers has been broken. They’re left in limbo and they’re just as angry as everyone else but they’re helpless because they’re associated with the charities.‘Everything has changed’“Our line to charities is that everything has changed now and they must be transparent and get over their qualms – they have to step up to the plate now,” she said.The charity sector had long been calling for the introduction or a regulator according to Garvey but she added that, in order for it to be effective, it must be properly resourced and staffed.She called on the public not to “tar all charities with this brush” though she said everyone understands the public anger at what has happened.Related: Rehab Group will decide whether to reveal Angela Kerins’ salary… next month>More: ‘Your local GAA lottery wouldn’t work like this’: Varadkar criticises Rehab Group>Read: Rehab chief Angela Kerins won’t say what her current salary is> THE CEO OF Wheel, a network of 930 charities, has said that with each day that goes by until Rehab discloses its CEO’s salary, “dreadful damage” is being done to the sector.“We’ve now come to believe that the damage could well be permanent and if not permanent, than very longterm,” Deirdre Garvey told on from controversy over minuscule profits made by its lottery Rehab Group has confirmed that its board will meet to discuss whether or not to disclose Angela Kerins’ salary, but not until next month.Garvey said that the delay in disclosing this information is doing damage to all charities and to the public trust in them and urged them to have a “more speedy discussion”.“It’s not any way to do business, to allow this to happen, and you shouldn’t have to have the PAC dragging information out of people,” she commented.DamageIn a survey published last week, Wheel found that 20 per cent of charities saw a significant  drop in their Christmas donations and 97 per cent of people thought the recent controversies had damaged all charities.Garvey said charities are now receiving calls every day from people cancelling their direct debits and standing orders.last_img read more

Women who use a surrogate mother have no right to maternity leave

first_imgWOMEN WHO USE surrogate mothers to have a child do not have a legal right to maternity leave when the baby is born, the European Court of Justice has ruled.The European Union’s highest court said EU “law does not establish a right to paid leave equal to maternity leave or adoption leave” for women having a child by a surrogate.At the same time, EU member states are free to apply more accommodating rules if they choose to do so, it added.The court was considering two cases: a woman in Ireland who was fertile but had no uterus, used a surrogate mother in California.She and her husband were the child’s full biological parents and recognised as such under US law.Parental rightsIn the second case, one of a British woman who could not get pregnant and had a child, fathered by her husband but carried by another woman and using another woman’s egg.The husband and wife were subsequently given full parental rights over the child with the consent of the surrogate mother.Maternity leaveIn both cases, however, when the women asked for maternity leave so as to look after their babies, their employers turned them down on the grounds that neither had gone through a pregnancy or adopted their children.Reviewing the cases against EU legislation on conditions for working mothers, fair treatment and physical handicap, the court said it could find no grounds to say that such a refusal of maternity leave breached EU law.The relevant 1992 law stated that maternity leave must be granted to a woman “who has been pregnant and who has given birth to a child,” it noted.Earlier this year, Minister for Justice Alan Shatter said that proposals for the reform of family law in areas such as “non-traditional” families will shortly be considered by Cabinet.“I am aiming, therefore, to develop a system in which a child born through assisted human reproduction using donor material from a third party would be the child of the both members of the couple,” he said.- © AFP, 2014, additional reporting by Christina FinnRead: State to appeal ruling in landmark ‘surrogate birth cert’ case >Shatter: ‘Legal clarity for surrogate and LGBT parents by year end’ >last_img read more

77yearold charged in connection with the murder of Jean McConville

first_imgPOLICE IN NORTHERN Ireland investigating the murder of Jean McConville have charged a 77-year-old man with aiding and abetting murder.The man, who was arrested earlier this week in west Belfast, has also been charged with membership of the IRA.He is due to appear before Belfast Magistrates Court tomorrow morning.Jean McConville, who was 37, was abducted by the IRA in December 1972 from her home in west Belfast. Her body was discovered on a beach in Louth more than 30 years later in August 2003.McConville was a widow who had ten children, and her family have spoken about the devastating impact her death had on them.One of her sons, Michael McConville, who was 11 when his mother was killed, has said he has met members of the IRA on four separate occasions and asked them about his mother’s death.The family was told that their mother was alive for approximately 12 hours after being abducted before she was killed.Earlier this week: 77-year-old man arrested in connection with Jean McConville murder >Read: PSNI appeal for man who phoned Jean McConville’s family in the 90s to come forward >More: More pressure for Adams as documentary puts issue of IRA membership back in spotlight >last_img read more

Midleton locals hold protest over ambulance service after boys death

first_imgALMOST 200 PEOPLE protested outside the office of a Midleton TD this morning over the area’s ambulance service, following the death of a young boy in the town last week.Two-year-old Vakaris Martinaitis was injured following a fall from an upstairs window. He was brought to hospital by Cork All-Ireland winning hurler Kevin Hennessy, who met the family following the fall and rang the ambulance service.He was told there was no ambulance available at that time and drove the injured boy to South Doc and then on to the hospital. Sadly, the toddler later died in hospital.Vakaris Martinaitis is to be buried today in Midleton.ProtestPic: Cllr Ger BuckleyLocal Sinn Féin councillor in Midleton, Pat Buckley, told that close to 200 people arrived at Fine Gael Deputy David Stanton’s office at 9am.He described the protest as “just one in a series of many in Midleton to protest over the lack of proper ambulance cover for the town and for East Cork as a whole”.This inadequacy of the emergency services in East Cork will not be tolerated by the people anymore and this morning’s protest is a testament to the people living here and everyone should be congratulated.He said that: “What people want to see is that Midleton gets two ambulances and a rapid response car staffed by an advanced paramedic based in the town, which is very central in its location with regards to East Cork”.The protest was to call on Deputy Stanton to ensure the issue is raised in the Dáil tomorrow. Buckley said that Stanton was receptive to the protestors and that he was hopeful the issue would be raised. The Martinaitis family was informed about the protest.Buckley added that in Midleton “there’s fear, there’s sorrow, there’s still anger” following the boy’s tragic death.“Lets hope and pray that through tragedy something responsible and right will come from this,” concluded the councillor.Photo: Cllr Ger BuckleyInvestigationThe HSE has begun an investigation into Martniaitis’s death. The director of the National Ambulance Service (NAS), in line with the HSE’s Incident Management policy, has commissioned a formal incident review into the manner in which the 999 call received from Midleton at 2pm on Monday 6 May 2013 was managed.The HSE said that the preliminary examination of the facts confirmed that an emergency ambulance was immediately available to respond to the call.However, it said that in order to fully establish all the facts surrounding the management of this emergency call, including why the emergency ambulance was not made available, a formal review has been established.The review team will include experts in pre-hospital emergency care and primary care from both Ireland and the UK and a representative from this team will liaise with the family.The NAS said it would like to reassure the public “that reports of a reduction in emergency cover in the area are incorrect”.It said that the reorganisation of the ambulance service in the region “has seen an approximate increase of 11 per cent in rostered man hours in the area over the last 12 months”.Read: “Black cloud over Midleton” after tragic death of toddler>last_img read more

Which TDs did not pay the property tax by the final deadline

first_imgTHE PROPERTY TAX deadline was extended to last night – but the extra time did not convince some of Ireland’s TDs to change their mind about paying the charge.Back in April, contacted TDs opposed to the tax to find out if they intended paying it themselves. Seven TDs – Joan Collins, Joe Higgins, Séamus Healy, Clare Daly, Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan, John Halligan and Thomas Pringle – told us they would not be paying.The online returns filing deadline was extended from midnight Tuesday night to 8pm last night.Paying or not paying?In April,‘s Hugh O’Connell contacted Irish TDs to find out who intended on paying – and this week we contacted the TDs who said they weren’t going to pay to find out if they had changed their mind.Thomas Pringle TD’s office said the TD wouldn’t be paying the tax.Clare Daly TD’s office said the Deputy had no intention of paying the tax.Joan Collins TD told that she opposes the tax and would not be paying it. She said that while campaigning against the tax, she has made it “quite clear” people face consequences, but that “many people are determined not to pay it”. “People have to make the decision themselves,” she said.Collins also criticised trade union leaders for their stance on the property tax. “This is going to impose huge hardship on people,” said Collins.Séamus Healy TD said he is “absolutely opposed to this tax” as he believes it is “completely draconian and completely unfair”. He will not be paying it and said as far as he is concerned, the government does not have a mandate for the tax.He realises that the tax could be taken out of his salary if he does not pay, and said he sympathises if people feel they have to pay because they cannot afford the penalties if they do not pay the charge. He encouraged them to “continue their opposition to it” even if they do pay, and said that the government parties should be targeted in the local and European elections next year.John Halligan TD’s office said he had no intention of paying the tax.Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan TD confirmed that he intended not to pay the tax.Joe Higgins said that he will be “sticking with the boycott”. He said he is not concerned for himself, but is concerned “that the Revenue absolutely must not victimise poor people and low-middle income earners”. He said people see the tax “as a burden too far”.Meanwhile, Sinn Féin TDs remain opposed to the tax, but a spokesperson said it is up to the individual deputies to decide if they wanted to pay the tax or not. Following consultation with her family, Mary Lou McDonald TD will be paying the tax. However, Pearse Doherty TD will not be paying it, the spokesperson said.Doherty knows that the money will be taken from him anyway, said the spokesperson. In April, he told that: “It’s a non issue for us [Sinn Féin], if you don’t pay it’s going to be deducted from our salaries by Revenue so I will be complying with local property tax”.Doherty has launched a bill to repeal the property tax, the Financial Local Property Tax Repeal Bill. The party’s spokesperson said Sinn Fein did not encourage people not to pay the tax and that all members were encouraged to consult with their families on the issue.Read: You’ve less than 10 hours to file your property tax return, 1.5m already have>Read: Here’s what you need to know about the property tax >Read:last_img read more

Breakfast at Bebetos All you need to know from the second night

first_imgLoserVicente del Bosque – Hailed for the crisp, cutting football that delivered two major trophies in two years, the Spanish manager needs to rally his wounded troops in order to keep their title reign alive after the group stages. “This has been the most painful defeat of my whole career,” he admitted to Spanish radio station Carrusel post-match. Source: Manu FernandezJoga BonitoVan Persie’s first goal saw the Dutchman (now with added orange cape) back to his crafty, daring best. have we got to look forward to today?Colombia attempt to break down a stubborn Greek defence without the help of injured goal-getter Radamel Falcao at 5pm.Luis Suarez rests up at 8pm as his Uruguay teammates try to see off Costa Rica.England get their World Cup underway at 11pm by taking on Italy in Manaus.Ivory Coast play Japan in the early hours of Sunday morning [2am].Dutch gold as Van Persie and the Netherlands rout SpainPeralta strikes as Mexico outclass sorry Cameroon Robin van Persie celebrates after making it 4-1 against Spain. Source: Wong Maye-EOn Day 2HOLLAND GAINED A satisfactory measure of revenge on Spain for their 2010 World Cup final loss by handing Vicente del Bosque’s men a 5-1 thrashing. Arjen Robben and Robin van Persie were unstoppable as Oranje humiliated the reigning champions. It was a result few expected after 22 minutes when Diego Costa earned Spain a questionable penalty that Xabi Alonso converted. Van Persie, who netted twice, declared, “I don’t want us to be too excited, this is just one game and three points. We have to stick together and we have to improve.”The day started with Mexico eventually scoring a legitimate goal through Oribe Peralta, in rain-soaked Natal, to beat Cameroon 1-0. Miguel Herrara’s side were denied two first-half goals as Giovani Dos Santos was called offside twice [once incorrectly]. Eric Choupo-Moting also had one chalked off for Cameroon who earned little bonus money from their sagging display.In Pool B’s other game, Barcelona attacker Alexis Sanchez scored Chile’s opener and teed up Jorge Valdivia for a second before Tim Cahill’s towering header reduced the deficit before half-time. The Socceroos pushed hard after the break but a Jean Beausejour goal made the game safe at 3-1 near the death.WinnerArjen Robben – The Dutch midfielder missed a one-on-one, which was saved by Iker Casillas, in the 2010 final against Spain. On Friday night, he was lethal. His first goal was Denis Bergkamp-esque and he left at least four Spaniards red-faced with his second, Holland’s fifth. Robben celebrates with Netherlands’ Wesley Sneijder after scoring his sides fifth goal. Source: Manu Fernandezlast_img read more

Airbus patents new mopedstyle aeroplane seats

first_imgFRENCH AVIATION GIANT Airbus has filed a patent that would see no-frills become even more uncomfortable.Not content with non-reclining chairs and limited leg-room, the French manufacturer has proposed a new system that would see short-haul planes fitted with more seats. The extra seats would be added by adding a seating system that has “reduced bulk”, appearing to look something like a moped seat.That means taking the cushions out and mounting the seats on a pole. The patent filing says that the plan would allow Airbus increase the number of people on short-haul flights. Thankfully, they say that it can only last a couple of hours.“In effect, to increase the number of cabin seats, the space allotted to each passenger must be reduced.“However, this reduced comfort remains tolerable for the passengers in as much as the flight lasts only one or a few hours.”However, a spokesperson for the company told The Telegraph that it is “unlikely” that you’ll ever have to sit on one.“We file hundreds of patents each year and it’s all about protecting ideas,” he said. “We are actually pushing airlines for an 18-inch seat width to come as standard on long haul flights – some aircraft have only 16.7 inches.”Read: It may look like a near-miss, but this pilot did exactly what he was supposed to doRead: N America-Europe flights through Irish airspace beat 2008 peaklast_img read more

St Pats denied Champions League away win after conceding in injurytime

first_imgLegia Warsaw 1-1 St Patrick’s Athletic ST PATRICK’S ATHLETIC went moments from one of the most famous wins in Irish footballing history but were denied late on by a Miroslav Radovic strike against Legia Warsaw in the Pepsi Arena, which fell silent in the opening period with a goal from Christy Fagan.The opening 30 minutes was a palate cleanser for the frantic final fifteen minutes of the opening half. Killian Brennan brought out the best in Dusan Kuciak with a curling effort before Jakub Kosecki struck just left of the Sainst post.A mix up between Inaki Astiz and Kuciak allowed Forrester an effort on goal, his long range chip acrobatically batted away by the Slovakian keeper.Then, the breakthrough the Saints had yearned for. Chris Forrester and Ian Bermingham created space on the Legia right, beating Lukas Broz all ends up.Bermingham drove a trademark low cross into the Legia area, from which Christy Fagan lost his marker in Astiz. The in-form hitman timed his run to perfection, dinking the ball just over the sprawling Kuciak and giving the Saints the lead. Saints goalscorer Christy Fagan. Source: fot. Tomasz Jastrzebowski/Foto OlimpikMidway through the second half, Legia went mightily close to bagging a vital equaliser. A Tomasz Brzyski free-kick was headed clear by Ger O’Brien, only for the ball to again drop to the full-back. This time he took on the shot, first time with a stinging volley.In stoppage time though, Saints were denied victory. Michal Zyro slid through the experienced and stingingly accurate Radovic, his low drive dampening an otherwise stellar outing from the Saints. Source: fot. Tomasz Jastrzebowski/Foto OlimpikLegia Warsaw: Dusan Kuciak, Łukasz Broź, Jakub Rzeźniczak, Inaki Astiz, Tomasz Brzyski; Michał Żyro, Tomasz Jodłowiec, Helio Pinto (Ivica Vrdoliak 65), Jakub Kosecki (Ondrej Duda 77); Miroslav Radović, Orlando Sa (Marek Saganowski 16).Subs Not Used: Konrad Jalocha, Igor Lewczuk, Arkadiusz Piech, Adam RyckowskiYellow Cards: Ondrej Duda (90)St Patrick’s Athletic: Brendan Clarke, Ger O’Brien, Ken Oman, Kenny Browne, Ian Birmingham; Conan Byrne, Greg Bolger, Keith Fahey, Killian Brennan (James Chambers 76), Chris Forrester (Mark Quigley 49); Christy Fagan (Lee Lynch 84).Subs Not Used: Rene Gilmartin, Derek Foran, Lorcan Fitzgerald, Daryl KavanaghYellow Cards: Brendan Clarke (45+1), Ken Oman (46)Referee: Marius Avram (Romania)St Patrick’s Athletic fan dies in WarsawHere’s the Clare Shine goal that handed Ireland a historic victory over Spainlast_img read more