Rep Hoitenga mutilation ban bill signed into law by governor

first_img11Jul Rep. Hoitenga mutilation ban bill signed into law by governor Categories: Hoitenga News,News A bipartisan bill package, led by state Rep. Michele Hoitenga’s legislation criminalizing female genital mutilation in Michigan was signed into law today.Female genital mutilation (FGM) is any procedure performed on girls to remove or damage the external genitalia. Hoitenga’s bill specifically classifies the procedure as a felony, with the legislative package also setting sentencing guidelines, requiring educational programs for health and law enforcement officials, and extending the civil and criminal statute of limitations for victims.“There are not enough adjectives to describe how despicable this procedure is, especially when you’re talking about the victims being as young as 4 years old,” said Hoitenga, of Manton. “There’s no place for this in our society because there are no health benefits; it can subject women to a lifetime of physical and mental pain. I’m glad to help set the standards we now have in Michigan to make doing this so prohibitive.”Hoitenga’s House Bill 4636 is now Public Act 68 of 2017. It is her first law since taking office in January.The legislation follows a February incident where two young girls from Minnesota were subjected to the procedure at a southeast Michigan clinic. A Livonia couple was arrested on federal charges in April after allowing and performing the procedure after hours at their medical clinic, while a third individual has been fired from their emergency room doctor position for performing the procedure at the same Livonia clinic.“Protecting young girls is an issue we can all support,” Hoitenga said. “I am proud to see this legislation as a whole be so well supported in the House and Senate and move so swiftly to the governor’s desk. We all know that Michigan must protect its children and their futures.”#####last_img read more

Rep Marinos Senior Day at the DIA sculpts new memories of iconic

first_img Illustrates their important role in promoting local attractionsState Rep. Steve Marino (R-Harrison Township) recently hosted a free ‘Senior Day at the DIA’ event to conveniently connect local residents with the Detroit Institute of Arts.Last Thursday’s event was attended by nearly 40 Harrison Township seniors and featured a catered lunch, roundtrip transportation, and an opportunity to tour the DIA’s extensive art collections and exhibits.“This was a great opportunity to bring residents in our community together and visit one of our most historic regional assets,” Marino said. “Many shared childhood memories of the DIA, and it was great to see that same level of excitement while traveling from one exhibit to another.”Given the popularity of the event, Marino said he is planning other trips throughout the summer and looking at additional destinations for seniors to enjoy.“When the only complaint is wanting more time to explore, it’s pretty clear that we must ensure our seniors have the opportunities to visit these destinations,” Marino said. “The Harrison Township Tucker Senior Center and DIA staff were incredible, and I am very grateful to everyone who attended this wonderful event.”Photo information: Rep. Marino stands with residents outside the Harrison Township Senior Center before the trip to the DIA.Photo information: Rep. Marino admires the Detroit industry iurals by artist Diego Rivera with attendants of the free Senior DIA Day. The murals surround Rivera Court inside the DIA and celebrate Detroit’s rich industrial history. Categories: Marino News,Marino Photos 19Jul Rep. Marino’s ‘Senior Day at the DIA’ sculpts new memories of iconic museum for local seniorslast_img read more

Rep Reilly Mandatory vaccination power needs to be in proper hands

first_img State Rep. John Reilly, of Oakland, today testified in support of his legislation in front of the House Oversight Committee that requires new mandated vaccinations to be approved by a vote of the state Legislature.“Authority regarding mandatory vaccinations is a power that needs to be in the proper hands,” Reilly said. “Forcing medicine onto the public is a slippery slope and not a decision that can be made lightly. When necessary, it is one that must be supported through unequivocal medical evidence and the highest level of concern for public safety.”Reilly’s bill amends the Revised School Code to reflect new sections of legislation authored by state Rep. Steven Johnson, of Wayland. Johnson’s provision addresses the concern of state health agencies proposing rules that attempt to go beyond the scope of what the Legislature originally intended.“Bureaucrats will still promulgate the rules, but only if directed to do so by the Legislature,” Reilly said. “This will ensure people can hold their elected officials accountable for changes to vaccine practices instead of unelected bureaucrats.”Mandated vaccine requirements currently in place would not be changed or affected by the passage of this legislation.Reilly’s House Bill 5163 and Johnson’s House Bill 5162 remain under consideration. 30Nov Rep. Reilly: Mandatory vaccination power needs to be in proper hands Categories: Reilly Newslast_img read more

Rep Sheppard Grants vital for county level veteran services

first_img State Rep. Jason Sheppard of Temperance today voted with his House colleagues to approve a measure encouraging Michigan counties to establish and maintain veteran service offices through a new grant program.The legislation, which Sheppard co-sponsored, provides funding to each county with a veteran service office that satisfies pre-approved requirements.  The funding includes a base amount with the possibility of an additional amount based on the number of veterans in the county. To continue receiving the grant, an established county veteran service office must meet benchmarks for staff performance and reporting while maintaining the previous year’s funding level.Currently, there are 11 Michigan counties without a veteran service office. This could be due to a lack of funding, a county partnering with a neighboring county or the number of veterans in the area. A Veteran Service Officer (VSO) may only be available for a few hours each month at a single location depending on the county.“This legislation will provide much needed resources for our valuable service offices,” Sheppard said.  “The sacrifices made by our veterans are more than most of us will ever face.  I’m proud to support this bill and see it as a way to support those who fought for all of us.”House Bill 5536 now moves to the Senate for consideration.##### 14Mar Rep. Sheppard: Grants vital for county level veteran services Categories: Sheppard Newslast_img read more

Rep Lilly Reforms desperately needed for hardworking residents in licensed professions

first_img Categories: Lilly News,News 14Jun Rep. Lilly: Reforms desperately needed for hardworking residents in licensed professions Michigan House advances plan eliminating duplicative measuresThe Michigan House on Tuesday advanced a package of proposals, including one sponsored by state Rep. Jim Lilly, easing costs for employees in areas with occupational licensing at the local level.Designed to roll back government red tape and diminish the burden on businesses, their employees and consumers, the plan disallows local governments in Michigan from imposing licenses on occupations that already are regulated at the state level.“It’s counterproductive to Michigan’s continued comeback to have this level of burdensome regulation for people in these careers,” said Lilly, of Park Township. “It creates more fees and more hassle for people trying to provide for themselves and their families.”If the state were to require a license and set standards for an occupation that was previously unregulated, a local government would be expected to remove or cease enforcement of its own licensing requirements for that particular profession.Lilly worries more requirements mean more individuals will be less likely to pursue a career or start a business in a licensed field, creating less competition and more inherited cost for Michigan consumers.“It’s not a job-friendly structure,” Lilly said of the licensing layers. “I’m concerned we’re squeezing people out of some of these industries or making it harder for people to enter into them due to overregulation. That doesn’t help our residents or the state in any capacity.”The proposal’s main bill, House Bill 5955, creates the Local Government Occupational Licensing Act. Lilly’s bill, HB 5963, is part of companion legislation ensuring cities, villages, townships and counties are in accordance with the new proposal. The bill package moves to the Senate for consideration.last_img read more

Minnesota Community Action Agencies to Get Special Scrutiny

first_imgShareTweetShareEmail0 SharesOctober 6, 2014; MPR NewsNPQ covered the story of the meltdown at the Community Action of Minneapolis after it was found that the group not only overcharged state and federal grant programs, but that it had $226,679 in “unallowable” expenses for luxuries. Unfortunately, as we have pointed out before, the ripple effects of such situations can be very powerful.For example, the goings-on at CAM have motivated Legislative Auditor Jim Nobles to look at, in his words, “just how well DHS and other agencies have been overseeing the grants that have been going to community action organizations.” Nobles said, “It is a significant area of concern. It’s a lot of money.” In fact, it’s more than $10 million in state money that’s funneled to 26 agencies through the Department of Human Services officials. The total budgets for the groups is reported to be $230 million.Both the DHS and the agencies say they welcome the audit. But they may not welcome much of the rest of what may come with increased scrutiny. The Star Tribune reports:“Community Action leaders are now bracing for significant new restrictions on executive compensation and board makeup once state legislators convene early next year. State leaders are already probing the salaries of community action directors, travel budgets and makeup of the organizations’ boards of directors.”Arnie Anderson, executive director of the umbrella Minnesota Community Action Partnership, said, “Community action agencies are actually very proud of our stewardship of public funds. And we have a very hard-earned reputation for being trustworthy. By a mile, there aren’t any nonprofit agencies in the state that receive closer scrutiny.” He also pointed out Community Action is “the quiet company…. Nobody has heard about Community Action, but everyone has heard about Head Start and energy assistance.”—Ruth McCambridgeShareTweetShareEmail0 Shareslast_img read more

UN Aims to Protect Indigenous Peoples Fighting for Land and Resource Rights

first_imgShareTweet17ShareEmail17 SharesTony Webster from Minneapolis, Minnesota [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia CommonsApril 25, 2019; Last Real Indians and TruthoutThe “global crisis” of indigenous peoples being imprisoned and murdered because of their environmental activism isn’t new, but at an annual international gathering at the United Nations, leaders advocated for a large-scale campaign to spotlight these kinds of human rights abuses.Writer Julie Mollins, of Germany’s Global Landscape Forum, reported from the 18th session of the UN Session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York that the campaign would be run by and for indigenous peoples:The new Global Campaign Against the Criminalization and Impunity of Indigenous Peoples will prevent, analyze, expose and reduce acts of criminalization and impunity….The campaign will also include human rights monitoring systems. Other activities will include calls to action, liaising with news media, networking and collaborating with non-governmental organizations.As a number of indigenous leaders testified at the meeting last week, these widespread human rights violations are extinguishing indigenous rights to traditional lands across the globe.Freda Huson, of Unist’ot’en–Wet’suwet’en People of Canada, spoke about reoccupying her people’s land as a pipeline company bulldozed a forest and destroyed a heritage site. NPQ covered the standoff between the Mounties and the First Nations in British Columbia earlier this year, as well as the failure of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government to make progress on proposed protection of indigenous rights.Huson addressed the forum:There are fewer and fewer animals to hunt, the salmon run is diminishing, and the water in the river is low. In order to protect what we have left, my family has been reoccupying one of our territories at Talbeetskwa which is along the Morice River in northern British Columbia. My ancestors have lived there since time immemorial, and I have been living there permanently for the last ten years.[…]They are trying to erase us from our own land. All these acts that continue are acts of genocide. They want to extinguish our rights to our lands. My people depend on our territory for berries, medicines, meat, and healing on the land. I am here today to make UN aware of the continued genocide happening in Canada, and to demand that our Indigenous rights and laws are respected.Although details about funding of the campaign weren’t made clear, momentum toward increased collaboration across borders has grown as social media highlights protests like Standing Rock and communities elevate issues such as colonization, reparations, and land justice through education and advocacy. Indeed, as Turtle Island News, the weekly aboriginal newspaper of the Six Nations Grand River Territory, reports, indigenous peoples are making the case that protecting their land and resource rights also helps the fight against climate change worldwide.But while it’s heartening to see some progress being made, perhaps more of the impetus should be on non-indigenous people to restore and preserve the land and resource rights of those who were here first. A simple place to start is by acknowledging the territory where you live, work, and play—there’s even an app for it created by a Canadian nonprofit called Native Land Digital—and considering what it means.As Native Land Digital explains, “Territory acknowledgement is a way that people insert an awareness of Indigenous presence and land rights in everyday life. This is often done at the beginning of ceremonies, lectures, or any public event. It can be a subtle way to recognize the history of colonialism and a need for change in settler colonial societies… However, these acknowledgements can easily be a token gesture rather than a meaningful practice. All settlers, including recent arrivants, have a responsibility to consider what it means to acknowledge the history and legacy of colonialism. What are some of the privileges settlers enjoy today because of colonialism?”—Anna BerryShareTweet17ShareEmail17 Shareslast_img read more

Taiwans largest telecom operator Chunghwa Teleco

first_imgTaiwan’s largest telecom operator, Chunghwa Telecom, has selected content security specialist Verimatrix’s Video Content Authority 3 solutions for an IPTV and multiscreen upgrade.TV and telecom technology giant Ericsson was chosen by Chunghwa to lead the deployment of this upgrade, with Verimatrix solutions addressing all aspects of content protection and revenue security for the project. The deployment will feature the Verimatrix VCAS for IPTV and VCAS for Internet TV security solutions, which integrate security techniques for video over managed and unmanaged networks with a single security authority head-end.The solutions are integrated components of Ericsson’s Multiscreen TV and Media Connect platforms that will help extend Chunghwa Telecom’s brand and subscriber relationship beyond the set-top box.“Chunghwa Telecom represents a significant upgrade in the video industry as it marks a major network transition to offer more advanced multi-screen video services,” said Steve Oetegenn, chief sales and marketing officer for Verimatrix. “We are seeing other top-tier IPTV, satellite and cable operators also evaluating their network migration strategies in order to stay competitive in this new world of pay TV. Verimatrix is focused on helping these services providers implement a flexible rights management strategy across a combination of managed and unmanaged video delivery networks.”VCAS provides an integrated suite of solutions to secure video delivery to traditional set-top boxes and a wide variety of TV- connected using adaptive streaming, according to Verimatrix.last_img read more

Russian pay TV operator Orion Express has secured

first_imgRussian pay TV operator Orion Express has secured regulatory approval to begin broadcasting on Intelsat’s Horizons-2 satellite at 85° East after a long delay, according to local reports.The satellite, originally launched as a joint venture with Japan’s Sky Perfect JSat at 74° East, was moved to its new position by Intelsat specifically to serve Orion Express as anchor customer. However, the Russian State Commission on Radio Frequencies held back from authorising the service to broadcast because of interference issues with Kazakhstan’s Kazsat-2 satellite. The interested parties have now agreed to coordinate the use of frequencies, according to the reports.Orion Express is currently available via the Intelsat-15 and Express-AM3 satellites.last_img

Amazonowned streaming service Lovefilm has inked

first_imgAmazon-owned streaming service Lovefilm has inked a deal with Fox International Channels for mega-hit zombie series The Walking Dead.The scripted show set ratings records on AMC in the US and has been made available in the UK from today.The deal with FIC gives Lovefilm season one of the horror drama and the subsequent two runs will be made available over the next 18 months.Commercial broadcaster Channel 5 has the free-to-air rights in the UK and Fox has it on pay TV and will launch season four this autumn. Lovefilm will be the only subscription on demand service in the UK to have the show.Chris Bird, director of film strategy at Lovefilm said: “It is seriously impressive that the show has become one of the most-watched drama series in basic US cable history, and a real testament to its quality. We are thrilled to bring this great content to our members, especially as we are the only subscription service in the country to do so.”last_img read more

The head of BTs TV division Marc Watson has renew

first_imgThe head of BT’s TV division Marc Watson has renewed the company’s calls for Sky to allow it to air Sky Sports 1 and 2 on its YouView platform, after Ofcom agreed to look into the matter earlier this month.Speaking at a Broadcasting Press Guild event at the BT Tower today, Watson said that Sky’s refusal to license its two channels for its latest internet-connected model of set-top box was unjust and said it was waiting to see whether Ofcom will “fix” the issue in time for the new football season.“There are lots and lots of rules regulating what we do at BT. If someone – a big company or a small company – approaches us and asks for access to our network, we don’t tell them to bog off and build their own – we give them access on reasonable terms.“All we’re asking for is the same courtesy in TV and sport where Sky are presently dominant. They own 100% of the premium sports market. By any definition we think that is dominant. Parity is all we’re looking for,” said Watson.He added: “We’ve been trying to resolve that commercially with them for months and months, but we’ve not been able to do that, and with the season fast approaching, we have put that into Ofcom and asked them to look at that.”Ofcom said last week that it would launch an investigation into BSkyB’s practices in wholesaling its sports channels, after receiving a different complaint from BT in May on this issue. BT alleges that Sky has refused to provide Sky Sports 1 and 2 to BT on YouView on fair terms whilst providing them to other pay TV retailers such as TalkTalk.However, Sky has dismissed the claims as “entirely without merit.” Speaking earlier this month, Sky’s group director of corporate affairs, Graham McWilliam, said that BT’s insistence that it be the exclusive seller of its own sports channels has been a sticking point.“We simply want a level playing field whereby each company supplies its sports channels to the other so we can both offer our customers all Premier League football next season,” said McWilliam.Responding to this wholesaling issue, Watson said: “I can see why if you look at it that way there’s, at face value, an apparent disparity, but we’re starting out, we’ve got no customers, we’re not dominant. We need the opportunity to get going and establish ourselves.”BT is currently able to offer Sky Sports on its older generation of BT Vision set-top box, though BT YouView customers cannot at present get access to the channels. Sky customers will be able to access BT’s three forthcoming sports networks on the Sky platform, but must buy access to the channels directly through BT.last_img read more

Discovery Communications and Scripps have reported

first_imgDiscovery Communications and Scripps have reportedly abandoned merger talks without getting beyond an “early, exploratory stage.”According to a Wall Street Journal report, which cites people familiar with the matter, talks between the two companies have closed, ending the possibility that Discovery will acquire its factual channel rival.The report claims that Discovery did not make a formal effort for Scripps and that Scripps’ owners appeared unready to sell the business – though added it was unclear why the takeover talks ended.The news follows a Variety report from last month claiming that Discovery was considering making a bid for Scripps Networks Interactive – news that sent Scripps’ shareprice up by almost 15% in after-hours trading.Scripps channel portfolio includes the lifestyle brands HGTV, DIY Network, Food Network, Cooking Channel and Travel Channel.Earlier this year, Discovery bought SBS’s business in Scandinavia for US$1.7 billion (€1.25 billion), launching SBS Discovery Media. It also paid €170 million to buy into TF1 channels Eurosport, Histoire, TV Breizh, Ushuaïa TV and Stylia and recently indicated it was planning to speed up plans to take a controlling stake in Eurosport.Discovery reportedly made a previous approach for Scripps some three years ago, but was then also unable to agree a takeover.last_img read more

Ukrainian freetoair broadcaster 11 says that th

first_imgUkrainian free-to-air broadcaster 1+1 says that the country’s special forces planned to close it down as part of a wider crackdown on protest and dissent amid the ongoing unrest in the country.The commercial broadcaster said in a statement that it was targeted by the authorities in a planned special operation which would have been part of an attempt to quell unrest in and around the Maidan square area.The TV channel is owned by Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky and has scrapped regular schedules in favour of round the clock news during the recent political and social troubles. It claims its reporters and cameramen have continuously had rights violated throughout the news coverage.1+1 said the operation, which was never effectively put into action as the broadcaster has remained on air throughout the recent troubles, was revealed in documents that were made public by Ukrainian member of parliament Hennady Moskal yesterday.According to 1+1 a segment of the papers reveal that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and National Security Service also planned to shut down other including Channel 5, TVi and EspresoTV.last_img read more

EE will continue to market its recently launched T

first_imgEE will continue to market its recently launched TV service independent of BT as part of the telco’s plan to keep the two brands separate “for the foreseeable future”, according to Guillaume Sampic, head of strategy at EE.Speaking at an event organised by technology company Netgem on the fringes of this week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Sampic said that EE is staying as a standalone proposition and that its fixed-line and mobile offerings will continue to be marketed separately as part of a mobile-centric offering – for the foreseeable future. He said that how the different brands would be positioned within BT’s wider offering was still under discussion.Sampic said that the company is interested in developing live video on-the-go as well as LTE Broadcast and developments such as the ability to live-stream from phones to the set-top box.“Our strategy has been to focus on the middle ground between pay TV and the Freeview-only market. People are downgrading from pay TV and there are also people upgrading from Freeview,” he said.EE has the biggest 4G base in the UK with about 14 million subscribers, out of a total mobile base of 27 million. The company has about one million fixed-line customers. EE launched its TV offering in November 2014.last_img read more

Orange has made a €75 million equity investment in

first_imgOrange has made a €75 million equity investment in Africa Internet Group and has said its African subsidiaries will strike strategic partnerships with the African company’s subsidiaries across the continent.Africa Internet Group, which is also backed by AXA, Goldman Sachs, MTN Group, Millicom and Rocket Internet, operates 10 online consumer businesses across 23 African countries.Jumia, the group’s original platform, allows businesses to market their products and services online to Africa’s emerging middle class. Other services offered by Africa Internet Group include an e-commerce marketplace (Kaymu), websites offering food delivery (Hellofood) and hotel booking (Jovago), as well as online classified ads for general merchandise (Vendito), real estate (Lamudi), jobs (Everjobs) and vehicles (Carmudi).Orange said it would help Jumia and other websites run by Africa Internet Group to accelerate their growth and seize development opportunities in Africa.“We are particularly pleased to announce our entry into the capital of Africa Internet Group. With this strategic investment, Orange now has the capacity to play a leading role in the fast-growing e-commerce market in Africa. This acquisition is combined with the signature of several important partnership agreements that will create value for all parties,” said Stephane richard, Chairman and CEO of Orange.“In particular, across the twelve countries where we have a common presence, this investment will enable us to significantly develop our ability to market products and services developed by Orange Middle East & Africa over the Internet. This operation, initiated by our corporate investment fund Orange Digital Ventures, is fully aligned with our strategic plan, Essentiels2020, particularly with regards to our ambition to reinvent customer service, develop the digital channels and services offered to customers as well as our ambition to develop our activities in Africa and the Middle East.”last_img read more

NBC Olympics is due to broadcast 85hours of virtu

first_imgNBC Olympics is due to broadcast 85-hours of virtual reality (VR) content from the Rio 2016 games in partnership with Samsung.NBC Sports app users, with compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Samsung Gear VR headsets, will be able to access the Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS)-supplied VR coverage.The VR output will include footage from the opening and closing ceremonies, men’s basketball, gymnastics, track and field, beach volleyball, diving, boxing, and fencing.“VR technology carries incredible potential for the sport broadcast industry, offering a truly immersive user experience,” said OBS CEO, Yiannis Exarchos.“Our first test in Lillehammer, together with Samsung, for the Winter Youth Olympic Games was highly successful and we look forward to further exploring this exciting technology with NBC in Rio.”Gary Zenkel, president, NBC Olympics, said: “The world’s greatest sporting event is always a showcase for cutting edge technology, and we’re thrilled to partner with Samsung and OBS to bring our viewers even closer to compelling Olympic action with virtual reality.”Marc Mathieu, chief marketing officer at Samsung Electronics America added that this was a “first-of-its-kind endeavour, connecting fans right to the action in Rio, powered by 360-degree storytelling, virtual reality and our Galaxy phones.”last_img read more

Ukrainian national channel Ukraine has teamed up w

first_imgUkrainian national channel Ukraine has teamed up with newspaper Segodnya to create a news platform encompassing TV, press and digital distribution.Ukraine, the website and the Segodnya newspaper will create an integrated multi-platform offering under the Segodnya brand.Ukraine viewers will tune into a Segodnya news programme that will be made available simultaneously across multiple platforms.Ukraine said that the key objective of the initiative was to reach a wider audience while maintaining news values of balance, accuracy and impartiality.The Segodnya news brand, which is already present on social networks and YouTube, will be extended to TV as a result of the agreement.last_img

ShortsTV has launched its linear TV channel on the

first_imgShortsTV has launched its linear TV channel on the Delta platform in Zeeland. The channel, which is fully localised in Dutch will be distributed in Delta’s Plus package on channel 312.Available across the US and Europe, ShortsTV airs live action, animation and documentary short movies from the Netherlands and around the world. It also creates its own original programming.In the Netherlands, the channel is already available in Ziggo’s Movies & Series XL package and further launches are expected in the country soon.“With the Netherlands at the forefront of Europe’s digital revolution and ShortsTV as the leader in the hottest new movie entertainment, we are delighted to be growing our audience in the Netherlands as we launch the channel on Delta,” said Jesse Bergsma, ShortsTV EMEA President.ShortsTV CEO Carter Pilcher, said, “Delta’s customers will have a new world of exciting entertainment to explore on ShortsTV: cutting edge short dramas, movie stars like you’ve never seen them, hair-raising films at Midnight and thought-provoking short documentaries. Not only will they see great movies, but also up-and-coming Dutch filmmakers competing to get their films made and seen around the world.”ShortsTV is operated by Shorts International Ltd, which also produces the Oscar Nominated Short Films theatrical release and operates a short movie on-demand service available on iTunes and other online platforms.last_img read more

Amazon Prime Video has turned down all of its late

first_imgAmazon Prime Video has turned down all of its latest pilot season comedies, as research from the UK points to new original content as the key driver behind SVOD take-up.Comedies Sea Oak, The Climb and Love You More will not go into development for the coming year.There is also no clear decision made on the future of comedies One Mississippi and I Love Dick.The move arrives as Amazon’s focus shifts to big dramas. In November the company paid US$250 million for the rights to J.R.R Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.Company chief Jeff Bezos has made it clear that content investment will go up in 2018, with an eye on globally popular shows like Game of Thrones.Amazon’s comedy choices come in the same week new data highlights the importance of premium original content to the streamers.Ofcom data shows that original content is the key driver of SVOD sign-ups in the UK. The report highlighted that 52% of UK households cite ‘original programming made by service provider’ as a reason to sign up to a streamer.Amazon also lost its head of half hour Joe Lewis in October, who resigned from the company after content chief Roy Price left amid sexual harassment claims. A replacement is yet to be named.last_img read more

Canal has selected Nagras content protection sol

first_imgCanal+ has selected Nagra’s content protection solution, Nagra Connect, to secure its new 4K Ultra HD offering in France.Launched this week, the new Canal+ service offers 4K Ultra HD content via satellite broadcast and over-the-top delivery to viewers through its new G9 set-top box.The 4K offering also lets viewers access premium TV in every room, offers improved user experience performance and stability, and makes live and recorded content available on other devices via a user’s home WiFi network.Nagara Connect is part of the Nagra Security Services Platform and the partnership comes after Nagra and Canal+ Group agreed to renew and expand content protection partnership in September.“We are very excited to bring this new service to our viewers and deliver a world of high-quality content in amazing 4K Ultra HD that they can enjoy across devices,” said Philippe Rivas, CTO, distribution, at Canal+ Group.“By deploying Nagra Connect to secure our newest service, we are able to seamlessly deploy one solution on multiple networks while meeting the security requirements for high-value content.”last_img read more