Fire Renders Many Homeless

first_imgOn Thursday, January 2, a fire in the Bypass community rendered residents of a three-storey building homeless and damaged over 5,000 US dollars worth of property.Speaking to the owner of the house, Mohammed M. Sheriff, Sr., said the cause of the fire is yet to be established, explaining that “I was only called to come quickly because the house was on fire.”Mr. Sheriff called on the government of Liberia to help focus on electricity hazards in the country, adding that most fires can be attributed to poor quality electrical wiring in various neighborhoods in the country.According to him the recent prevalence of fires must be seen as an important national issue because they have rendered many people homeless.He also urged the general public to take advantage of light provided by the Liberia electricity cooperation and called on Liberian desist from the use of illegal current and candles that could destroy lives and homes.Mr. Sheriff also expressed gratitude to the National Fire Service and the community for their quick involvement in the fighting of the fire at his building.An occupant of the burnt house, AB sheriff, said over 950 US dollars, an HP laptop worth LD$6,000, along with all of his documents and office information was burned into ashes.Mr. Sheriff is calling on concerned individual and the government of Liberia to come to his rescue, saying, “I lost everything and need help from those that are in a better position.”He said “Me, my daughter and my two grandchildren stay in this room; now all we had is gone and we will have to start over.”Another affected person in the house, Abraham Kenneh, said he left US$1,500 in the room doing the incident, which he described as a setback for his family.“Most of the money I lost in the burning of the house is my older sister’s, and I usually kept it while we continued doing business,” he stated.Mr. Kenneh is calling on the government and concerned individuals to come to his aid. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

EPA Faces Criminal Lawsuit

first_imgThe management of Barbar Motors Corporation has threatened to file a criminal lawsuit against the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), claiming the agency illegally took US$5,000 and confiscated 3,447.60 kilogram (49 cylinders) of refrigeration and air-conditioning gases, valued at US$100,000The EPA in January 2014, announced it had fined the Company US$25,000 for illegally smuggling bad gases into the country, which violates the Environmental law.But, addressing journalists on Tuesday, March 4, Sam Saryon, acting manager of Barbar Motors admitted his company was fined US$25,000 by EPA, but was forced to pay US$5,000.“We were compelled to pay US$5,000, after receiving closure threats,” Saryon further alleged. “We did not violate any EPA laws. Instead, we were forced to pay US$5,000, after they threatened to close our business” he alleged.According to him, the imported gases was verified and cleared by both the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) and BIVAC.“These are government Import Permit Declaration (IPD) and other relevant documents declaring that our products were good to be used in the country. Our partner in Belgium also confirmed it,” he clarified, though he did not name the Belgian partner.“How can they say we smuggled bad products into the country? We did not do so.”“We did not violate any environmental laws. Our products were verified and cleared by the MOC and BIVAC,” he repeated, “Where is the instrument used to determine that the products were bad?”Where do they get the information?” Saryon asked.All of these are calculated to exploit the company. We will not sit down for the company to lose such huge sums of money.”“We are warning the EPA to give back our money and the confiscated products immediately, or else we are going to sue them for theft of property,” Barbar Motor acting manager threatened.Unfortunately, Saryon claimed, “EPA, without any search and seize warrant from a competent court of jurisdiction, forcibly entered the warehouse and confiscated the products.”However, a source within the EPA, who asked not to be named because he is not the official spokesperson of the agency, said the corporation had indeed brought in the illegal substances and had intentionally mislabeled them.“When we confiscated the gases, we tested them in our lab and found out they were contaminated. We approached them and told them about our findings. They were fined and willingly paid US$5,000 into government’s coffers,” our source said.This person, however, stated that he was surprised to hear that Barbar Motor decided to go to Court.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

The Illusion of Generational Change

first_imgThe term ‘Generational Change’ has become a sort of past-time of most youths. The stark reality is that the eventual takeover of a generation of people is inevitable. However, where the rudiments needed to effect such change are absent, the concept is short-lived and perhaps soars as wishful thinking. The concept, sometimes, tends to lend itself to demagoguery.Every generation throughout history will have its place and time.The ongoing struggle to assume mantle of a nation seems to be an underpinning urge of a generation that feels a huge sense of neglect, marginalization and snub from the elder generation.But, do generations ever change? Generations, however, transition from one phase to another. The product is either a mimic of the preceding generation or a makeup of its own.One might wonder if one generation is holding firm to a grip of the torch or simply nostalgic of the yester years.  But, generations ought to replace and continue the course.Like the Afro-French revolutionary and author of ‘The Wretched Earth,’ Franz Omar Fannon said, “Each generation must discover its mission, fulfill it or betray it, in relative opacity.” In the Liberian case, the vibe to replace a generation seems to be couched primarily in the concept of political power. Politics, it seems, is the coveted prize. Whilst generational change is inevitable, it’s not instantaneous. Generational transition lends itself more flexibility, to gradually metamorphose into a generation that had immersed itself with the requisite time, toil, skill set and experience to lead the fight.The obsession with the current generation to steer the affairs of politics drives the concept towards a stalemate. Politics is not everything.The neglect of science & technology- a discipline that requires immense innovation that could transform lives is troubling. Perhaps, the proponents of generational change should opt for changes in this area by organizing themselves into think tanks and petitioning government or international professional bodies to fund research. Whilst brain drain remains a cancer on the intellectual community of African societies, the gravitation to politics becomes a virus that shatters the dreams of innovative young minds if it becomes a refuge for desperate youths.The exodus of professionals –doctors, engineers, surgeons, lawyers who abandon their professions for the charms of politics might be sending a wrong signal to youths yearning for directions.Liberia with a rich history, culture and people, stands like a barren land with abandonment of the arts, with mushrooming talents of poets, writers, painters, dramatists, story tellers, carvers, and dancers. All these could transform Liberia into a cultural village of Africa. As a first colony of the ACS to resettle former slaves, Liberia could be a prime destination for tourism. African American descendants who might want to reconnect with their history, people of the Congo, the Caribbean and West Indies might want to fill the dots in their cultural heritage by visiting Liberia. Tribes from Ghana, Mali, and Songhay empires who resettled in Liberia might attract brothers in cultural and history sharing through cultural seminars and symposiums. These remain invisible to youths yearning for generational change.Probably, politics should open its arms or flip over and allow the youths to see beyond the horizon that more opportunities lie in our inherent talents-sports, folklore and contemporary music, dance, our movie industry, fine arts, textiles and garment making, exposing Liberian cuisine to international acumen, our own true Liberianness; who we are.The government, through the relevant agencies should encourage innovation, requests for essays, papers and presentations on contemporary challenges and engage the youths intellectually.  These exercises would expose the hidden potentials and spark the creativity in many youths. Some will recognize their limitations and be motivated to improve.The emergence of think tanks could help government in responding to current challenges.Youths themselves, should seek to explore every opportunity to improve themselves, garner the necessary skills and become productive. With no skill, the canopy of political shelter is temporary, and when removed; one’s exposed and vulnerable to manipulation.When the concept of generational change is fixated on a grand march to the public sector, vital untapped areas that unveils the true strength of a nation are overlooked. Generations are like free falling bodies as described by Sir Isaac Newton, once up, would someday come to roost. The change is on, the failure to learn the code, might wake one up to a generation lost in its tracks. The result is disillusionment.The coffee is spilling-wake up!About the AuthorLekpele M. Nyamalon is an emerging Liberian writer and poet. He was the winner of the 2015 World Poetry Day contest organized by Young People Today and a Poet-in-residence on Goree Island, Senegal, sponsored by the Open Society Initiative of West Africa. In 2014, his poem ‘This Place our place was featured in the World Anthology of Poems’. He can be reached at /nyamalon23@gmail.comShare this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Blow for QPR! Cargiant halt talk of new stadium at Old Oak site

first_imgQPR face growing opposition to their new stadium bid with current landowner Cargiant claiming they “will not enter into any future talks with the club”.The former QPR sponsors hold a 30-acre plot on the Old Oak site where the west London club hope to build a new 40,000-seater stadium.Rangers have support from all the major bodies required to build the new ground as soon as 2018, but Cargiant is seeking to scupper their plans.Cargiant managing director Tony Mendes is a QPR season-ticket holder, but the company has released a statement denying discussing selling the company’s land with the club.“We are very surprised by QPR’s PR campaign regarding a proposed new stadium in Old Oak Common and in particular on land owned by Cargiant,” the statement read.“The company are not in negotiations with QPR and will not enter into any future talks with the club.“The company will announce in due course details of its own scheme for the regeneration of its land holdings that will incorporate the residential units, jobs and community facilities that the GLA detailed in their vision for the regeneration for the area.“Cargiant’s commercial arm of the business views this opportunity as a long-term investment opportunity.”Cargiant bosses rejected the notion of QPR obtaining a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO), a legal function which allows bodies to claim land without the owner’s consent if considered in the public interest.QPR could seek council backing to obtain such an order against Cargiant, but the company remain unfazed by the prospect.“In regards to the threat of CPO, there is no legal basis on which to serve a CPO on Cargiant. We are a willing developer,” the statement continued.“This is also not a ‘tool’ to increase the land value to QPR or anyone else. If the company wanted to pursue this route, it would be talking to other developers, which we are not.“We are fully committed to regenerate our land. We have the funding and the professionals in place to do it.”Cargiant’s statement was handed to the Open All R’s podcast 1 QPR’s Loftus Road last_img read more

Man City are Premier League’s best hope of winning UCL – Coral Daily Download

first_imgNicola McGeady joins the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast to round up the latest sporting odds.Coral’s PR manager says Manchester City and Manchester United are fully expected to reach the knockout stages of the Champions League after their group stage wins on Wednesday night.She also reveals City are expected to do the best in Europe this season out of all the Premier League teams, with Manuel Pellegrini’s side 11/1 to win the trophy.Chelsea, meanwhile, are 16/1 to win the competition, Manchester United are 22/1, while Arsenal are 40/1 after the disastrous start to their campaign.There’s also a look at Wales’ Rugby World Cup clash with Fiji on Thursday night, with Warren Gatland’s side priced at 1/7 for the victory.Coral is the official betting partner of the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfastlast_img read more

Letterkenny Cathedral Quarter to celebrate 100 years of heritage

first_imgTo mark Heritage Week from 20 – 28 August, Letterkenny’s Cathedral Quarter will host a series of events for people of all ages on Saturday 20th and 27th August.The Heritage Council’s annual celebration marks Ireland’s built, natural and cultural heritage and this year’s Heritage Week theme is exploring 100 Years of Heritage, taking a journey back through one hundred years of Ireland and discovering the lives of those who came before us. Opening up Letterkenny’s Cathedral Quarter celebrations on Saturday 20th August is the Cathedral Quarter Heritage Treasure Hunt. Registration takes places at 6pm in Dillon’s Hotel, Letterkenny, with the family event running from 6.30 – 8.00pm. Cost for adults is €5 and €3 for children.Following the first event, the Cathedral Quarter will host a special outdoor event on Saturday, 27th August. People of all ages will be invited to step back in time with ‘100 Years of Style, Music and Food’. Running from 11am on the Church Lane, there will also be an outdoor play which is written and directed by local man Paul McCollum. Entitled ‘Dublin France 1916’, the play celebrates people and place and highlights links between the Cathedral Quarter and parallel events in France and Dublin in 1916.The talented team at G&G Hair and Beauty salon on the Church Lane will showcase 100 years of fashion and local chef Angelo Cervi, Street Food Artisan will present 100 years of Irish food and serve up tasty alternative food while promoting local artisan brands. There will also be live music from local and emerging artists. Inviting people across the county to come along for the Heritage Week celebrations, Donnan Harvey, Cathedral Quarter secretary said: “We’re very excited to be marking Heritage Week in our own way. It’s a week-long celebration throughout Ireland and we’re delighted to be hosting events on Saturday 20th and 27th. We’re really looking forward to Paul McCollum’s play ‘Dublin France 1916’ and the added family events like the Cathedral Quarter Heritage Treasure Hunt and fashion show are a great way to get young people involved and to remind them of their heritage.The theme is about taking a journey back through time and that’s exactly what we’re trying to achieve. We hope to see a great turnout and if anyone would like to get involved, just get in touch with the committee.For more information and to get involved with the Cathedral Quarter Heritage Week celebrations, contact Donnan Harvey on 086 345 2457 or Amanda Clarke on 086 344 3416 or visit the Save the Church Lane Facebook page.Letterkenny Cathedral Quarter to celebrate 100 years of heritage was last modified: August 10th, 2016 by Elaine McCalligShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:donegalHeritage Weekletterkennyletterkenny cathedral quarterlast_img read more


first_imgDonegal Junior LadiesTermon 4–2 Killybegs 3–7While Termon senior Ladies were on a roll in defeating Glenfin in the Donegal Senior Championship Harry mc Glynns junior team just fell short against Killybegs ay the Burn Road. Killybegs made the long trek to the Burn Road on Sunday morning to engage Termon in a hard fought Junior league game, and departed with both points in a game that Termon felt they had won.But Killybegs managers Aisling Cunnighan and Sharon White will be happy with the outcome, Termons Hary mC Glynn and Noel Mc Bride will be disappointed with the outcome in a game that had a dramatic ending.With Referee Gerard Mc Hugh indicating that one minute remained and Termon leading by one point a Termon attack broke down when Mairead Gallagher made an timely intervention.She offloaded to Catherine White who was lurking on the edge of the Termon square and she made no mistake to send Killlybegs two up in the dying minutes.This was rough justice on a Termon team that showed spirit and heart led by the experienced Martina Kelly and Caroline Duffy. Termon who lead at the break by 2–1 to Killybegs 0–5 were good value for this lead as the Kelly sisters were bossing Termon’s rearguard for the first half.But for most of the second half the bragging rights were equal as the sea siders took hold of proceedings for long periods only to be neutralised by a strong Termon defence .But while that Catherine White strike won the day for Killybegs the talking point was a wonderful goal by Meabh Mc Daid just after halftime.Mc Daid collected a pass from Caroline Duffy on her own twenty metre line she ran the length of the field evading several tackles before planting the ball in India Boyle’s net, it must rank as the best goal scored at the Burn Road in 2014 at any level.While Killybegs were on the back foot at this point County player Aisleen Cunningham and Shauna Boyle were keeping Killybegs in the game and indeed when while Termon only scored two goals and a point in the second half while Killybegs scored 3 –2 in the same period against the wind. This was as a result of some powerfull play by Tara, and Catherine Whyte daughters of former inter County Referee Jimmy. But Termon manager Harry Mc Glynn can be proud of his team who had great performances from Lisa and Ann Mc Glynn,Sally Mc Fadden and Celine Mc Daid and Aisling RyanBest for Termon were the Kelly’s, mc Glyn’s and Meabh Mc Daid ,Killybegs were best served by the Whites, Aislean Cunningham, and livewire Shauna Boyle Fulltime score Termon 4–2 Killybegs 3–7Termon panel was Lisa Mc Glynn, Maura Kelly, Martina Kelly, Brona Tinney, Anne Mc Glynn, Meabh Mc Daid, Darina Mc Glynn, Caroline Duffy, Aisling Ryan, Sally Mc Fadden, Tara Mc Daid, Amanda Mc Laughlin, Leanne Duffy, Emer Mc Glynn, Celine Mc Fadden, Nicole Mc Laughlin, Emily o Flynn Killybegs panel was India Boyle, Grace Kennedy, Niamh Mc Gettigan, Arlene Cunnea, Kelsy Mulligan, Mairead Gallagher Catherine White, Aislean Cunnighan, Claire Boyle, Aisling Murrin, Tara White,Yvonne Mc Partlan, Kirstin Haughey,Shauna Boyle, Janet Boyle, Ciara Herraghty, Caroline BoyleReferee Gerald Mc Hugh St Marys Convoy GAA NEWS: TERMON JUNIOR LADIES FALL SHORT AGAINST KILLYBEGS was last modified: September 8th, 2014 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:GAALadiesNoticesSportTermonlast_img read more

Get in the Ring: Innovative start-up funding comes to South Africa

first_imgWant to change the world with your business idea? Get in the Ring, a global platform allowing start-ups to pitch, expand their network and secure funding, is now open to pioneering new businesses in South Africa.Get in the Ring is about learning to explain business ideas and requirements very quickly. Through the process, participants actually get to pitch to funders. (Image: Bizmag)Are you are an entrepreneur with an innovative start-up that needs funding? Get in the Ring could be the initiative for you.An exciting global platform allowing start-ups to pitch, expand their network and secure funding, Get in the Ring is now open to pioneering new businesses in South Africa.Any start-up that is eight years old or less can enter. Innovative businesses with a great potential for growth tend to do the best.“Start-ups are changing the world,” says Jochem Cuppen, global director of Get in the Ring. “They develop innovations at a high speed, defy large companies and find solutions for world challenges. We love them.“Being part of a start-up is not easy, though. It means a rollercoaster ride with low chances of success, but high returns when succeeding.”In only three years Get in the Ring has grown from a local event in the Netherlands to a global competition in 64 countries, connecting more than 3 000 start-ups to thousands of funders, and millions of fans.“Start-ups need resources such as capital, talent and expertise to survive in today’s turbulent environment,” says Cuppen.“Globally, these resources are available in abundance, but often don’t connect. Sometimes because of timing, or because they are not offered in the right place. Sometimes because they are not well presented, or already taken by others.“However, they are there, and it is exactly this missing link between talented entrepreneurs and opportunities that drives what we do. We took the challenge to make a change. Will you?”Get in the Ring is about learning to explain business ideas and requirements very quickly. Through the process, participants actually get to pitch to funders.GET IN THE RING COMES TO SOUTH AFRICAThe licence to run Get in the Ring in South Africa, all the way through to the International Final in 2017, has recently been awarded to the Real Entrepreneur Institute.This will include the finals for both the 2015/16 and 2016/17 seasons of Get in the Ring – the city finals, the national finals, and the regional finals for Central, East and Southern Africa.The 2015/16 season culminates in the international final, to be held in Medellin, Colombia from 14 to 17 March 2016.HOW YOU CAN GET IN THE RINGTo take part, entrepreneurs simply have to fill in an online application form. The team then vets the applications and selects a few hundred participants to compete.Get in the Ring is looking for talented people to help make the 2016/17 season a success:Judges for the six city finals, national final and regional final. Judges should mostly be investors or representatives of funding organisations. Other judges may be well-known entrepreneurs and people in the entrepreneurial development fields.Trainers to teach participants how to pitch, known as “pitch training”. Get in the Ring are looking for people capable of training at all levels of the competition.Funders: All the way through the competition participants get to pitch one-on-one with funders, in a coordinated process. The funders then score the participants on predetermined criteria. These scores help determine the final six to battle it out in the ring.Get in the Ring are looking for venture capitalists, angel funders and representatives from larger funding organisations to participate. Funders may offer participants funding if they see the potential in the business, but this does not influence the results.last_img read more

A day after its inauguration, breach in Konar irrigation project embankment

first_imgA day after the Konar Irrigation project was inaugurated by Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das, water flow to Giridih district’s Bagodar area under the scheme was stopped following a breach in an embankment on Thursday, an official said. Work to repair the embankment was on, so water flow to Bagodar area of Giridih district under the Konar Irrigation project was stopped, the official said. Additional Chief Secretary, Water Resources Department, Arun Kumar Singh in a tweet said after getting information about the washing away of a part of embankment and damage to crops on Thursday, a report was summoned from the chief engineer of the Water Resources Department, Hazaribag. Prima facie, ‘rat holes’ caused the damage to the ‘kacha’ embankment, breaching 25/30 feet near Kusumraja village in Giridih district’s Bagodar block, he said. A high-level team headed by chief engineer, ‘agrim yojana’ (plan in advance project) of the department has been set up, asking it to submit a report within 24 hours, he said. The chief minister on Wednesday inaugurated the first phase of Konar Irrigation Project to benefit 85 villages in Hazaribag, Giridih and Bokaro districts of the State.last_img read more