Rep Reilly Mandatory vaccination power needs to be in proper hands

first_img State Rep. John Reilly, of Oakland, today testified in support of his legislation in front of the House Oversight Committee that requires new mandated vaccinations to be approved by a vote of the state Legislature.“Authority regarding mandatory vaccinations is a power that needs to be in the proper hands,” Reilly said. “Forcing medicine onto the public is a slippery slope and not a decision that can be made lightly. When necessary, it is one that must be supported through unequivocal medical evidence and the highest level of concern for public safety.”Reilly’s bill amends the Revised School Code to reflect new sections of legislation authored by state Rep. Steven Johnson, of Wayland. Johnson’s provision addresses the concern of state health agencies proposing rules that attempt to go beyond the scope of what the Legislature originally intended.“Bureaucrats will still promulgate the rules, but only if directed to do so by the Legislature,” Reilly said. “This will ensure people can hold their elected officials accountable for changes to vaccine practices instead of unelected bureaucrats.”Mandated vaccine requirements currently in place would not be changed or affected by the passage of this legislation.Reilly’s House Bill 5163 and Johnson’s House Bill 5162 remain under consideration. 30Nov Rep. Reilly: Mandatory vaccination power needs to be in proper hands Categories: Reilly Newslast_img

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