Hasbros SDCCexclusive Soundwave transforms into a tablet

first_imgTapes aren’t dead, but unless Megatron wants the Decepticons to infiltrate the apartments of hipster musicians, there isn’t much of a point to Soundwave’s classic tape deck design. The Decepticon communications and intelligence officer has taken many forms since he first started spitting smaller robots out of his chest, but they’ve usually been bigger things like cars and satellites. Where’s the 21st century Soundwave who can sneak onto the desk of a military installation?No, the Japan-only Sound Label Soundwave doesn’t count. He still looks like a boom box, even if he can play MP3s.After decades, Hasbro has finally brought Soundwave completely into the information age with the SDCC-exclusive tablet version of the Transformer. Yes, Soundwave is now a tablet. An Android tablet, from the looks of his three buttons on the bottom.Tablet Soundwave is flat, because, well, he’s a tablet. His front is all black except for the control buttons on the bottom, and while you can see all the seams of his transformation, he looks like a tablet at first glance. Turning him over reveals truly amazing amounts of kibble. This is a Transformer whose alt mode only works from one angle.The transformation is a bit awkward and feels almost oragami-like because of his flatness. Most jarring is the need to fold two thin parts of his legs in half to make a limb thick enough for him to stand on. His head is also made of three flat pieces that fit together, which is really bizarre, but considering how flat he is as a tablet, there doesn’t seem to be another way he could have worked.Soundwave actually looks pretty good in robot form, with a shield, two guns (that fit together poorly into one gun), and an optional jetpack backpack thing that seems to be a callback to Laserbeak.So far tablet Soundwave is a convention exclusive, which means you’ll be spending upwards of $80 finding him on the post-con market. Hopefully Hasbro will release him into the wild as a retail Transformer, and build on the concept. How about Frenzy and Rumble as USB drives?last_img

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