Play the first ever video game developed in North Korea

first_imgRelatively speaking, North Korea seems to be making some major progress lately. The government just launched the country’s first ever satellite, and even though it’s thought to be out of control and no longer usable, getting it up there in the first place has to be commended, right? And now, the first ever video game developed in North Korea has been released!This racing game is called Pyongyang Racer and was created by a developer known only as Nosotek. It has been commissioned by Koryo, a British tour company that takes people to visit North Korea. I’m guessing they either desired, or were urged to get a game made in North Korea in order to entice people to visit. Clever move. I’m booking my ticket as I type and renting a car when I arrive due to how clear the roads seem to be there.AdChoices广告As the infectious laughter of Alabouze in the video above demonstrates, it’s not your typical modern game (jump to the 4 minute mark to see the game being played). If you saw Pyongyang Racer without any prior knowledge of it, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a product of the early 90’s or something someone learning to create games produced while reading their first Dummies Guide. But to give Koryo credit, they do state the game is not meant to be a “high-end technological wonder,”  it’s just a bit of fun.Apparently a complete playthrough will take you about 12 minutes. Along the way you’ll have to be a careful driver and avoid collisions (hitting 10 other cars signals game over). You also need to watch the fuel gauge and collect barrels of gas in order to keep the car running.Pyongyang Racer is playable on the Koryo Group’s website, although I only got music and a totally green screen in Firefox. Maybe you’ll have better luck playing this gem of a game.More at Beijing Cream, via Kotakulast_img

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