Original Apple Shows We Want to See

first_imgStay on target Forget ABC, CBS, and NBC. The big TV networks of our glorious new digital future are streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. The original shows people can’t stop talking about, from Orange is the New Black to Transparent, are on the internet, not cable. You know who is feeling left out of this future? Apple. And considering glorious new digital futures are pretty much that company’s whole shtick, that’s about to change.Last week news broke that Apple is planning to offer Apple Music subscribers original video content by the end of this year. Apparently, the company has recruited Hollywood talent to develop new movies and TV shows. It already bought James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke” late-night segment with celebrity guest hosts like Will Smith, Alicia Keys, and famous Final Fantasy character Ariana Grande. This will be perfect content for your Apple TV or your Apple flat screen television that will never exist, or for kids in the back of your Apple Car.Apple is one of the strongest brands in the business, and it got that way through very careful curation of its image. Any original Apple shows would have to be in line with that image. With that in mind, here are some original Apple shows we’d like to see. Please note that you can only listen to these shows with Lightning headphones.The Dr. Dre HourWhen Apple bought Beats for billions, it made legendary hip-hop artist Dr. Dre an Apple employee. So they might as well use him. Instead of limiting Dre to Apple Music radio shows, put a camera on him and broadcast it. It’ll be refreshing compared to the rest of Apple’s… softness.The Joy of Industrial DesignIf the resurgence of Bob Ross on Twitch and Netflix has taught us anything, it’s that people love watching soft-spoken Zen art masters show off their craft on streaming video. Jony Ive’s calm descriptions of new Apple products are already the highlights of the company’s keynotes. Just expand them to full, totally relaxing technology shows.A Live Feed of Steve Jobs’s TombNever forget.Mad MoneyApple loves to tell people how well it’s doing financially. Hiring Jim Cramer to do it full time on TV seems like a logical next step.Movies Edited With Final CutBefore Final Cut X ruined everything. Final Cut was the premiere software for professional video editors. Now it’s Premiere. Tons of Hollywood movies have been edited using various versions of Final Cut. If Apple can lay claim to them, that’d be a nice catalog to pad out the lineup.Pirates of Silicon Valley: The ShowOn TV these days you’ll find a lot of prestige period dramas (Mad Men, Halt and Catch Fire) as well as TV shows based on old movies for some reason (Lethal Weapon, Training Day). With a Pirates of Silicon Valley TV show, Apple could have both. The original TV movie was already the best film exploring the relationship between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. A show would just have even more room to make that intensely compelling story even richer. Also, find a new role for Noah Wyle.A Pixar CollaborationApple and Pixar already have history. Steve Jobs played a key role in funding the acclaimed animation studio as an independent company. Until now Pixar has just focused on feature films for Disney, increasing its output to two films a year. But if it keeps growing, a TV show wouldn’t be out of the question, and Apple is probably one of the few companies that could afford it.Hair Force One with Craig FederighiCraig Federighi is Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering. But that’s not what really matters about him. Look at that hair! Tell me you wouldn’t watch a show about that hair. Don’t kid yourself. iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Have More Cameras, More ProblemsApple Arcade Launches Next Week last_img

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