NASA puts out a call for Mars explorers with 8 fantastic posters

first_img <> Earlier this week NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory released a set of 14 stunning space tourism posters. Now NASA is following that up with another set of posters, only this time they are all about Mars. You can view them all at the end of this article, just scroll down.NASA commissioned a set of 8 posters back in 2009 for an exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex entitled Journey to Mars. Skip forward to 2016 and the powers that be inside NASA have decided to share those posters with the general public, even going so far as to offer full-size versions for you to take to a print shop and have printed as professional quality posters for your walls.The posters point out the obvious, really. When we do finally make the trip to Mars, the planet is going to need a lot of skilled individuals to do the hard work of setting up a colony. That means finding a suitable site, building the necessary habitat, growing the food, keeping the tech systems running, and then mining the world of its resources and all the work that entails.It seems highly likely when the time comes that such a drive to get talent off planet will be required and will involve lots of advertising. How difficult it is to convince people to go will depend on the state of Earth, the level of pay being offered, and the quality of life on Mars during your work holiday there.But for now, just enjoy the posters and try and imagine how different things will be when “off world living” really does become a serious option.last_img

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