Leaked Windows 8 builds reveal Windows Store and its logo

first_imgWhile those screenshots of the supposed “Windows App Store” turned out, as expected, to be fakes, there’s no doubt Microsoft is working on something along those lines to deliver in Windows 8. In fact, some of the bits are already in place in the leaked Windows 8 builds which have been shared on private FTP servers and torrent sites around the Web.As spotted by some Russian enthusiasts who were digging around in the system folders in the Windows 8 Milestone 3 build, a handful of folders exist which confirm the early stages of the Windows Store. On your Windows desktop, the store will be comprised of several components, including a runtime module, service, and licensing client — each of which is called out in a folder name.AdChoices广告The Windows Store logo is also hiding within the Windows 8 files, though it’s just a 24 by 24 pixel .PNG. Above I’ve blown it up using Photoshop to the best of my abilities. It’s fairly consistent with Microsoft’s other logos, with its multiple stacked squares and rounded corners. Two .HTML pages are also nestled away amongst the files, and based on the font used on the error page it’s safe to assume that the Metro design language will once again be front and center in the Windows Store.The Windows 8 registry is also littered with references to the Windows Store, but no actual executables have been found just yet — and even if they were, Microsoft probably has the Windows Store’s cloud-powered back end completely locked down at this early stage. In fact, the AppxManifest.XML file spells that much out, saying “We need DomainCredentials until we unveil the store.”Read more at MSWin.me (translated)last_img

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