Will Solar Panel Mounts Cause Roof Leaks?

first_imgOur latest Question of the Week comes from a homeowner in New Jersey. Monica is uncertain of the best way to insulate the roof of a new second-story addition on her Cape Cod home. She wonders whether it’s wise to insulate directly under the roof sheathing — especially since the mounting system for her photovoltaic array requires 54 holes to be drilled in her asphalt shingle roof. Monica wrote, “Is spraying the roof deck with foam going to increase the possibility of a major problem down the road if a leak should develop? There will be 54 holes drilled for the solar mounting system, and even though the installer assures me they won’t leak….well….of course they will say that!” Can Monica’s roof be safely insulated when it has so many penetrations?(polling)Robert Riversong pointed out that it makes sense to bring her attic inside the home’s thermal envelope — especially since she has a furnace in the attic.Martin Holladay pointed out that there are mounting systems available for standing-seam metal roofs that don’t require roof penetrations.John Brooks reminded Monica that it will be expensive to dismantle the solar array when her shingles wear out.What do you think?To read Monica’s question and all of the responses it generated, see “Insulation options are of concern with solar panels.”last_img

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