Increase in violence by Israeli security forces against Palestinian journalists

first_img Follow the news on Palestine News PalestineMiddle East – North Africa PalestineMiddle East – North Africa RSF_en Receive email alerts News News WhatsApp blocks accounts of at least seven Gaza Strip journalists June 3, 2021 Find out more Reporters Without Borders condemns the action of the Israeli security forces in deliberately firing rubber bullets and teargas at two Palestinian journalists during clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli soldiers in the West Bank city of Ramallah on 16 May.The clashes broke out while the two journalists – Issam Al-Rimawi, a photographer for the newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, and freelance photographer Abdalkarim Al-Museitef – were covering a protest march accompanying the funeral of two Palestinian youths killed during the previous day’s commemoration of the 1948 Nakba (Catastrophe).Rimawi’s left shoulder was injured by a rubber bullet while Museitef lost consciousness from the effects of the teargas. Both were taken to Ramallah regional hospital. Rimawi said on Facebook: “A commander ordered his men to deliberately fire in my direction. Press photographers were targeted during this demonstration.” to go further May 28, 2021 Find out more May 20, 2014 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Increase in violence by Israeli security forces against Palestinian journalists Help by sharing this information RSF asks ICC prosecutor to say whether Israeli airstrikes on media in Gaza constitute war crimes Israel now holding 13 Palestinian journalists Organisation News May 16, 2021 Find out more “This incident is unfortunately not isolated,” said Soazig Dollet, the head of the Reporters Without Borders Middle East and North Africa desk. “We are very concerned about the marked increase in the number of Palestinian journalists being deliberately targeted by the Israeli security forces.”“We reiterate our call to the Israeli authorities, especially the military, to respect the physical integrity of journalists covering demonstrations and we remind them that the United Nations Human Rights Council adopted a resolution on 28 March recognizing the importance of media coverage of protests and condemning any attacks or violence against the journalists covering them.”The Palestinian Centre for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) registered some 80 cases of media freedom violations by the Israeli security forces affecting Palestinian news providers during the first four months of this year, including more than 30 physical attacks.In one recent case, Israeli soldiers fired teargas grenades at Abdul Hafiz Al-Hachlamoun while he was covering clashes between students and Israeli soldiers in the West Bank city of Hebron on 22 April. He was hospitalized with a muscle tear in the foot.When Israeli police stormed the courtyard of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem escorting ultraorthodox Jews on 20 April, five journalists who had gone to cover the event were among the dozen Palestinians injured. Israeli security forces detained three employees of the Palestinian news agency Wafa – photographer Hudaifa Srour, reporter Yazan Taha and driver Fadi Kifaya – for two and a half hours when they went to cover a peaceful march in protest against the closure of the entrance to the village of Nabi Saleh on 14 April.Israeli security forces detained six journalists for several hours near the West Bank city of Nablus, confiscating their identity documents, on 22 March. They included a Dubai TV crew – Mohamed Assayed, Mohamed Hassan and Rami Abdu – that was doing a report near the Zaatara checkpoint.Freelance photographer Youssef Shakarna was attacked and beaten by four Israeli soldiers near the security barrier around Betar Illit, an Israeli settlement to the west of Bethlehem, on 15 February while preparing a report on the problems of Palestinians working in Israel. His camera was confiscated and he had to be hospitalized for his injuries.The Palestine Journalists Syndicate and the Palestinian information ministry organized a demonstration three days later in protest against this and all the other cases of violence against Palestinian journalists.last_img read more

St. John’s, Creighton played entire half before Big East canceled tournament, and fans couldn’t believe it

first_imgWhile the Big East certainly had plenty of time to make a decision earlier, it was put in somewhat of a weird spot with a game starting at noon. Every other conference still had their tournaments scheduled to go on as planned while the Big East had a game about to tip off.Still, it was a bizarre sight to see players on the court playing a game while nearly every sporting event had been canceled. Fans took to Twitter to react to the interesting choice to continue playing basketball in the face of the coronavirus, and overall, people were surprised to see the Big East play as scheduled.BIG EAST AINT SCARED OF NO VIRUS— RedditCFB (@RedditCFB) March 12, 2020Every league has canceled its tournament and uhhhh the Big East is just out here playing like nothing’s going on— Rodger Sherman (@rodger) March 12, 2020Big East trying to get the “Toughest conference in College Basketball” reputation back— Tony Digs (@ToneDigz) March 12, 2020Big Ten tournament: canceledBig 12 tournament: canceledACC tournament: canceledAAC tournament: canceledPac-12 tournament: canceledBig East:— Tyler Conway (@jtylerconway) March 12, 2020NBA canceledMLS canceledACC Tournament canceledBig 10 Tournament canceledA10 Tournament canceledSEC Tournament canceledBig 12 Tournament canceledPac 12 Tournament canceledBig East:— Doug Stevens (@doug321) March 12, 2020Live look at Big East basketball tournament:— Some Dude (@PantalonesGordo) March 12, 2020The Big East right now— Jeff Eisenberg (@JeffEisenberg) March 12, 2020Me and the boys heading to the Garden tonight for the Big East Tournament— Freddie Benson (@DeeH_NYC) March 11, 2020Live look at the Big East:— Sam Mellinger (@mellinger) March 12, 2020Eventually, the Big East made the right decision. Around noon, several conferences announced the cancellation of their respective college basketball tournaments due to the coronavirus pandemic.The Big Ten got the ball rolling, and the SEC, AAC, Big 12, ACC, Pac-12 and others followed suit. However, the Big East, which had a game scheduled at noon between Creighton and St. John’s, continued playing its first game of the day … up until halftime. Once the game reached halftime, the conference announced the Big East tournament had been canceled.”Following a call with our Presidents and Athletics Directors and additional consultation with the City of New York, the Big East conference has canceled the remainder of our men’s basketball tournament effective immediately,” the conference said through a statement. “We believe the decision is in the best interests of our participants and fans.”The Big East tournament has been canceled— FOX College Hoops (@CBBonFOX) March 12, 2020MORE: Every sporting event canceled so far as COVID-19 spreadslast_img read more

Kootenay swimmers burning up pool; Kelsey Andrusak earns national qualification

first_imgThere’s something fantastic happening in the Kootenay Swim Club.Kootenay Swim Club swimmers are returning with some amazing results at recent competitions in Fernie, Victoria and Kelowna.“It has been a terrific season thus far,” said coach Chris Wright.Last week in Kelowna, at the Kelowna Long Course Invitational, Nelson’s Kelsey Andrusak became the first Kootenay swimmer in the club’s five-year history to qualify nationally.“Kelsey qualified in three events; 50-meter Freestyle and 50 and 100-meter Breaststroke, and will have the opportunity to race against swimmers the best swimmers in her age range from across the country,” Wright exclaimed.Wright said Sam Mathew and Andrusak lead the way in high points category for their age group and achieving final swims at night which placed them either first or in the top three overall.   Morgan Robertson-Weir and Stevenson McCulloch showed that they were fit to stand up and race at a regional level throughout the meet, achieving top finishes in their heats and even getting a second swim at finals for McCulloch in the 200 Butterfly.Wright said Kootenay swimmers set more than 13 club records in Kelowna.The recent string of success started in Fernie at the Invitational meet, April 25-26.Robertson-Weir and McCulloch swam their regional standard in the 200 Individual Medley.   Together with Evelyne Upward, Kieron Sorenson, Georgia and Abi Anderson, the Kootenay team achieved 30 best times and took off over 300 seconds between all swimmers at Fernie. While some of the Kootenay swimmers were in Fernie, a few traveled to Victoria as Andrusak and Matthew achieved their Age Group National Standards in four events combined.   Andrusak achieved her age group national in the 50 and 100-meter Breaststroke while Matthew earned the gold standard in the 100 and 200-meter Breaststroke. The Kootenay Swim Club, which trains during the winter, is registered under Swim BC and Swimming/Natation Canada. All Kootenay Swim Club swimmers are registered Swim BC competitive swimmers and compete in the “O” category, if they choose to swim for a summer team afterwards.The Kootenay swimmers now travel to Wenatchee, Washington, May 29-31 to compete against top swimmers from the United States and Canada.last_img read more

Robert Dumont’s Superinsulated House in Saskatoon

first_imgThe first time I saw Rob Dumont’s house, I was unimpressed. I was visiting an ex-girlfriend in Saskatoon, I mentioned that I was doing some research into sustainable homes, and she said, “There’s one near here. We should walk by it.”It looked just like any other house. The Dumont house is in the colonial style. It’s simply built and doesn’t stand out in the neighborhood, which has a suburban feel to it (though it’s not far from the downtown). I’m used to seeing half-million dollar ecohomes. When you take away the architect and expensive finishes, solariums, thermal mass walls, radiant floors, etc., the Dumont house is hardly recognizable as an ecohouse.I arranged to go back later and visit Rob Dumont, who gave me a tour of his home and some other projects he was working on. What initially turned me off about the Dumont House (because it challenged my preconceptions) now makes it one of my favorite sustainable homes. “Always have your sails up”Rob Dumont, like many of the builders and designers I’ve met, started his work in the 1970s, and spent some time wandering (metaphorically) alone in the desert in the ’80s and ’90s.“Society has got a very short attention span,” he said. “There are waves of interest, but mother nature bats last. I started working in the ’70s on the Saskatchewan Conservation House. One had to really keep the faith through a part of the time since, because not many people were very interested. I must admit that back in 1973, with the oil shock, I thought the reasonable thing to do would be to change the way we do our houses radically. That was my youthful naïveté at the time.”He showed me a book of solar homes that was written in the late 1970s, a sort of hippie version of what I’m trying to do, and I realized that I’m just the latest emissary of societal interest, something Dumont has seen come and go. I feel like this time it may be different, but I’m not sure. “It’s encouraging,” said Dumont, but “it’s not nearly at the level I’d like it to be. E.F. Schumacher put it nicely: he said the wind may not always blow, but at least we should have our sails up. That’s the way I feel.”Rob and his wife Phil took me to see a college basketball game, in which the home team, the Huskies, thoroughly trounced the competition (both women’s and men’s teams). I pictured Rob in his younger days playing basketball, fit and idealistic, believing he could change the world. And he did – it just changes very slowly.I wonder, when I look back in another twenty or thirty years, how I will remember this time. As the beginning of real change, or as lost opportunity? All I know is that my visit with Rob Dumont left me more optimistic than when I arrived. RELATED ARTICLES Forgotten Pioneers of Energy EfficiencyThe History of the Chainsaw RetrofitSolar Versus Superinsulation: A 30-Year-Old DebateThe History of Superinsulated Houses in North AmericaGBA Encyclopedia: Double-Stud WallsGBA Encyclopedia: Drain-Water Heat Recovery The Best-Insulated House in the World? Michael Henry is a straw bale house builder who is curious about all aspects of green building, and blogs about it at The Sustainable Home. He’s also the author of Ontario’s Old-Growth Forests. There are about 16,000 pounds of cellulose in the house – but what makes this insulation system really special is that the two walls have very little framing between them, so there are far fewer pathways to lose heat through the wall, either through leakage where the insulation doesn’t meet the wood perfectly, or by thermal bridging through the wood itself.It may seem obvious, but it needs to be said: wood is way worse insulation than insulation is. A 2×6 stud wall with R-20 insulation batts has an overall insulation value of about R-13. Rob Dumont’s walls are R-60, the attic is R-80, and the windows are R-5. The whole house is carefully air sealed. It takes less than 1/4 of the energy to heat Dumont’s house that it would for a conventional house. (In 2000, Dumont wrote an article describing the energy efficiency features of his home.) The walls are 16 inches thickWhen Dumont built this house in 1992, it was recognized as one of the world’s most highly insulated homes – but the house, like Dumont himself, is understated. Dumont took the double-wall system from the Saskatchewan Conservation House, stretched it out to a full 16-inch-thick wall cavity, and filled this space with blown-in cellulose insulation (which is just recycled newspaper with borax added for fire proofing and pest control). Drainwater heat exchangerAs we continued the house tour, Rob showed me some things that really could be added to any existing house. The first was a drainwater heat exchanger, which is just a copper tube wrapped around the shower drain. As hot shower water comes down the drain pipe, the cold incoming water in the coil is warmed. “On a shower it will recover about half of the heat that’s otherwise going down the drain,” said Dumont.He quipped, “I’m worried that with the price of copper, in a home invasion someone will steal it.” Still, barring home invasions, the economic payback is pretty quick: if your hot water heater is electric, the heat exchanger will pay itself off in 5 or 6 years; with gas heater, maybe double that.Next we looked at the hot water heater itself, which is a standard tank but wrapped with batt insulation and a thermal blanket adding up to about R-28. “Without the insulation, it loses about 100 watts of heat continuously,” Dumont said. “With the insulation, it’s down to about 25 watts.”Because of the simplicity of the Dumont house, it wasn’t expensive to build. The insulation, upgraded windows, and solar thermal system added about 7% to the building cost. “If I’d put brick on the outside of the house instead of hardboard siding,” said Dumont, “the brick would have cost more than all of the energy conservation features. I’d much rather have an energy efficient house than a brick house.”In fact, the energy-efficiency measures (which cost $13,000) finished paying for themselves in 2008, after 16 years. Now the measures are turning a profit. And he pointed out other non-monetary benefits: no draftiness, no cold feet, and the nice aesthetic of the deep window ledges.last_img read more

10 months agoEmery approves Arsenal move for Dalian Yifang winger Carrasco

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Emery approves Arsenal move for Dalian Yifang winger Carrascoby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveArsenal boss Unai Emery has approved a move for Dalian Yifang winger Yannick Carrasco.The Belgian winger, formally of Atletico Madrid, has been heavily linked with the Gunners over the past few weeks.The 25-year-old has been playing in the Chinese Super League since 2015, but could now be set for a sensational return to Europe.Foot Mercato says Emery is a big fan of the winger and has given his permission for Arsenal to launch a bid for the Belgium ace.However, Arsenal will have their work cut out as Dalian Yifang are unwilling to part with the man who has scored seven goals in 26 appearances this season. last_img read more

Louisville Commit G.G. Robinson Says It’s “Messed Up’ That The Cardinals Pulled Their Offer From Matt Colburn

first_imgThe bad side of college football recruiting was showcased by Louisville Monday night, as the Cardinals pulled their scholarship offer from commit Matt Colburn, less than two days before National Signing Day. Bobby Petrino’s program received some serious criticism from recruiting analysts following the news, including this rant from a writer that called for all South Carolina high school players to boycott Louisville. Even a Cardinals’ commit thinks Louisville was rough on Colburn, a three-star running back out of Irmo, South Carolina. G.G. Robinson, a three-star defensive end committed to Petrino’s program, tweeted the following Tuesday morning. Man what Louisville did to my boy Matt was messed up….. That’s awful— GG (@GGRobinson85) February 3, 2015What Louisville did isn’t unheard of, but doing it less than 48 hours before National Signing Day seems fairly classless. The Cardinals’ 2015 class ranks No. 31 in the country by 247 Sports’ Team Rankings.last_img read more

Mississippi State Releases “Noise” Hype Video Ahead Of 2015 Season

first_imgMississippi State highlights ahead of the 2015 season.Mississippi State Football “No Noise” Hype VideoThe 2014 campaign was historic for Mississippi State, as the Bulldogs, who started the season unranked, rose to No. 1 in the polls after huge victories over LSU, Texas A&M and Auburn in succession. While the squad didn’t finish the year how it wanted, it’s clear that Mississippi State football was as relevant as it’s been in quite some time this past year. Heading into 2015, the Bulldogs want to finish the job and compete for a national championship in the College Football Playoff.Thursday, MSU released a hype video titled “Noise” to tease the 2015 campaign. It chronicles last year’s rise before setting the stage for the upcoming season. Check it out:Mississippi State opens with Southern Miss on September 5.last_img read more

Search for Denny Poole this Thursday

first_imgWhistles, bear bells, bug spray, reflective vests, water and snacks will be supplied by Horne.Horne is hoping someone can help with Walkie-talkies and an elder that could help smudge the group and say a prayer before the search.To view the FB event page; CLICK HERE DAWSON CREEK, B.C. – Jessica Horne shares she would rather have a search party than a Birthday party this Thursday, July 25, 2019.Horne shares further the search party will meet at the brake check on the Dawson side of the Kiskatinaw Bridge at noon and will proceed to search until 5 pm.last_img

What The Hells Gotten Into Daniel Murphy

When theretofore ordinary second baseman Daniel Murphy turned into the reincarnation of Babe Ruth during last year’s playoffs, it was a fun story. Murphy was with the New York Mets through their lean, mediocre post-Madoff years, and he was suddenly the driving force behind their surprise World Series run. It seemed proof that in a handful of baseball games, damn near anything can happen.But for the sabermetrically minded (which presumably included the Mets’ front office), Murphy was still the decent-but-not-great player that his overall record said he was, and at age 30, he was likely on the downside of his career. So during the winter, the Mets moved on from Murphy to Neil Walker at second base — which, according to the stats, was basically the right call. Murphy signed with the Washington Nationals instead, and although projections suggested that he would have a solid season, there didn’t seem to be any way that he would build on his outlier postseason performance.Those projections have turned out to be flat-out wrong. Instead of reverting to his previous form, Murphy has looked an awful lot like the guy who went on that postseason tear: He currently ranks third in the National League in Weighted Runs Created Plus (wRC+)1A measure of a player’s runs generated per plate appearance, relative to the league, where average is 100 and higher numbers are better. and fourth in wins above replacement. (Murphy has also hit Mets pitching especially hard this year, delivering what already ranks as the most RBIs by a player against a team he played for the previous season since 1960.)For a guy who has never ranked higher than 37th in WAR, Murphy has taken a quantum leap forward. If Murphy maintains his current wRC+ for the entire season, it will be the 21st-biggest single-season improvement by a hitter over his previous career wRC+ at age 31 or older2With a minimum of 3,500 career plate appearances before the season in question and at least 350 plate appearances during the season itself. since 1901: Willie Stargell1971.398.628186.341.503134+52 PLAYERYEAROBPSLGWRC+OBPSLGWRC+WRC+ CHANGE Barry Bonds2002.582.799244.418.585164+80 Joe Morgan1976.444.576184.396.430138+46 Many of the people atop that list — including (but not limited to) Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Ken Caminiti and Mark McGwire — have admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs, were named in the Mitchell Report or were otherwise implicated in baseball’s steroid scandal via leaked test results. But nothing so sinister has been mentioned to explain Murphy’s rise, and some players outside the steroid era experienced similar (presumably natural) leaps in performance.Murphy has always credited Mets hitting coach Kevin Long with making several key adjustments to his approach at the plate in an effort to help him hit for more power. Here’s Tyler Kepner of The New York Times last October, on Murphy’s swing changes:“Long believed Murphy should harness [his] power by driving more with his legs, moving closer to the plate, getting his front foot down sooner and bringing his hands lower and closer to his body.”The numbers bear this out: Murphy’s 2016 isolated power is 115 points higher than his previous career average, and he’s hitting the ball authoritatively in new areas of the strike zone. Murphy was always a solid hitter on pitches up and on the inner half of the plate, but his new approach has him driving the ball more on pitches in the middle of the plate and even ones low and away: Paul O’Neill1994.460.603171.341.443115+56 Ken Caminiti1996.408.621169.328.402102+67 Barry Bonds2004.609.812233.433.602171+62 Roy Cullenbine1946.477.537182.402.422132+50 Luis Gonzalez2001.429.688173.355.460114+59 Only includes players with a minimum of 3,500 career plate appearances before season and 350 in season.WRC+ = Weighted Runs Created PlusSource: Fangraphs Lonnie Smith1989.415.533166.362.401116+50 Of course, it’s still unlikely that Murphy has morphed into a hidden superstar after seven big-league seasons. Players in their 30s who improved on their previous career wRC+ by between 40 and 60 points in one season tended to lose 36 points of batting average, 38 points of on-base percentage and 80 points of slugging percentage the next year. But, on average, they were still better than they’d been before. Even a year after the initial breakout, they hit for a wRC+ 15 points higher than their career average had been beforehand.That means Murphy probably is a better hitter now than he was in New York. And considering the damage he’s already personally inflicted on the Mets in head-to-head competition, it also means he may well end up being the key to an NL East title for the Nationals. Not bad for a player most thought would turn back into a pumpkin after his Cinderella story last October.Check out our latest MLB predictions. Dixie Walker1944.434.529168.369.434115+53 Mike Schmidt1981.435.644198.375.526145+53 Javy Lopez2003.378.687170.332.478107+63 Jermaine Dye2006.385.622151.334.469104+47 Sammy Sosa2001.437.737186.333.523119+67 Roberto Clemente1967.400.554170.348.455118+52 Biggest hitting improvements at age 31 or older, 1901-2016 Brady Anderson1996.396.637155.349.393103+52 Barry Bonds2001.515.863235.411.567159+76 Mark McGwire1998.470.752205.382.556152+53 SEASONPREVIOUS CAREER Jimmy Dykes1929.412.539143.356.40496+47 Daniel Murphy2016.387.598157.331.424109+48 J.T. Snow2004.429.529153.353.426104+49 Rickey Henderson1990.439.577190.400.429136+54 Victor Martinez2014.409.565167.369.464120+47 Bret Boone2001.372.578149.313.41388+61 Eddie Joost1949.429.453136.332.32187+49 read more

Bucks wallop Walsh

The Ohio State men’s basketball team got its 2009-10 campaign off to a strong start, beating the Walsh Cavaliers 86-48 in an exhibition game Wednesday.Junior Evan Turner made his debut at point guard and had little trouble adapting to his new position. Turner finished the night with 15 points, 14 rebounds and six assists, just four assists shy of a triple-double.Sophomore William Buford also scored 15 points, including 11 in the first half.Buford was six of eight from the field and made his only three point attempt.Junior David Lighty added 11 points and, perhaps more importantly, appeared to be fully recovered from last year’s season-ending foot injury.The Buckeyes officially begin their season Monday against Alcorn State at the Schottenstein Center.